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10021. China Maritime Report No. 12: Sansha City in China's South China Sea Strategy: Building a System of Administrative Control

10022. Democratization, Poverty Reduction and Risk Mitigation in Fragile and Post-Conflict States

10023. Increasing Access to Affordable Agricultural Microinsurance in Sub-Saharan Africa

10024. Post-War Situation in the South Caucasus Region

10025. Pax Caucasia: Prospects of Peace and Cooperation in South Caucasus

10026. Missing Calvo? Latin America’s love-hate relationship with the Investment Treaty Regime

10027. ECOWAS' Efforts in Promoting South-South Cooperation Between its Member States and Global South Countries

10028. On Alawization in Syria

10029. Underdevelopment, extractivism, and conflict in the Global South and the role of systemic alternatives

10030. The Impact of the European Union-Mercosur Association Agreement on Gender Inequality: A Global South Perspective

10031. The Great Illusion: Foreign Policy Advocacy and the Problem of Knowledge

10032. Church of Woke: Next American Religion?

10033. “The Same Procedure as Every Year”: U.S. Counterterrorism Policy since 9/11

10034. Was Irving Babbitt an Educational Counterrevolutionist?

10035. American Statesmanship: Contrasting Views of Leadership

10036. History, Social Science, and the ‘Literary Conscience’

10037. Successful Failure in Public Policy Work

10038. New Avenues for Colombia’s Internationalization: Trade in Tasks

10039. Afghanistan: What Just Happened? What Comes Next?

10040. Peace Through Food: Ending the Hunger-Instability Nexus