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41. How Safe is Eastern Mediterranean Gas?

42. Ties Between Hostile Actors in the Red Sea

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49. Fragile States and Aid Allocation for Sub-Saharan African Countries: An Empirical Research

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52. Japan’s Border Measures during Covid-19: How the Crisis Shaped ‘Others’ to Protect the ‘Stability of Self’

53. Politicization, Ratification of International Agreements, and Domestic Political Competition in Non-Democracies: The Case of Iran and the Paris Climate Accords

54. Vernacular Border Security: Citizens’ Narratives of Europe’s ‘Migration Crisis’

55. Before the West: The Rise and Fall of Eastern World Orders

56. Goodbye to Russia, Russia and Russia!1: Finland’s New NATO Chapter Within the Framework of Shelter Theory

57. Assessing the Impact of Turkey’s Quest for Status Since the 2000s on Foreign Policy Change: Transformational or Transactional?

58. The Perfect Storm: Trump and USA 2024

59. European and Tunisian Migration Policies: A Recipe for Failure and Suffering

60. From Interconnection to Integration: German-Italian Energy Relations and the SoutH2 Corridor