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52001. Republika Srpska in The Post-Kosovo Era: Collateral Damage and Transformation

52002. Back To The Future: Milosevic Prepares for Life After Kosovo

52003. The New Kosovo Protectorate

52004. Macedonia: Towards Destabilisation? The Kosovo crisis takes its toll on Macedonia

52005. Kosovo: Let's Learn from Bosnia

52006. Milosevic's Aims in War and Diplomacy

52007. Why Will No One Invest In Bosnia and Herzegovina?

52008. War in The Balkans: Consequences of the Kosovo Conflict and Future Options for Kosovo and the Region

52009. Republika Srpska - Poplasen, Brcko and Kosovo: Three Crises and Out?

52010. Macedonia Update: Challenges and Choices for the New Government

52011. Unifying The Kosovar Factions: The Way Forward

52012. Kosovo: The Road To Peace Critical Implementation Issues And a "Who's Who" of Key Players

52013. Sidelining Slobodan: Getting rid of Europe's last dictator

52014. Breaking The Mould: Electoral Reform In Bosnia And Herzegovina

52015. Brcko: A Comprehensive Solution

52016. Macedonia:"New Faces In Skopje"

52017. The State Of Albania

52018. Too Little Too Late: Implementation of the Sarajevo Declaration

52019. Regional Burden-Sharing for Humanitarian Action

52020. Underwriting Humanitarian Assistance

52021. The Globalization of Services: What Has Happened? What Are the Implications?

52022. Hazards and Precautions: Tales of International Finance

52023. Does Talk Matter After All? Inflation Targeting And Central Bank Behavior

52024. Modeling Korean Unification

52025. Sovereign Liquidity Crisis: The Strategic Case For A Payments Standstill

52026. Panama Canal Transition: The Final Implementation

52027. Beyond Kosovo: A Regional Approach to the Balkans

52028. Building an Asia-Pacific Security Community: The Role of Nuclear Weapons

52029. An Appropriate Role for Nuclear Power in Meeting Global Energy Needs

52030. Modell Deutschland as an Interdenominational Compromise

52031. Modell Deutschland as an Interdenominational Compromise

52032. Environmental Quality and Regional Conflict

52033. From Civil War to Civil Society: The Transition from War to Peace in Guatemala and Liberia

52034. Developing a Methodology for Conflict Prevention: The Case of Estonia

52035. Transparency Project

52036. The Geopolitics of Energy Development in the Caspian Region: Regional Cooperation or Conflict?

52037. The Cox Committee Report: An Assessment

52038. The U.S. Military and Civil Infrastructure Protection: Restrictions and Discretion under the Posse Comitatus Act

52039. The Nonproliferation Regime under Siege

52040. Commercialization of Russian Technology in Cooperation with American Companies

52041. Climate Change and the Transformation of World Energy Supply

52042. A Cross-Regional Analysis of Civil Society and Democratic Development

52043. The Competitive Advantage of Hollywood Industry

52044. Hollywood and Europe: A Case of Trade in Cultural Industries, the 1993 GATT Dispute

52045. Between the Living and the Dead: The Politics of Irish History

52046. Playing the Green Card - Financing the Provisional IRA : Part 1

52047. Technological Change in the Telecommunications Industry

52048. Coping with US-Mexican Interdependence: The NAFTA Response

52049. Russian Federal Budget and the Regions

52050. Russia and the World: A New Deal