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601. Understanding Alignment Decisions in Southeast Asia: A Review of U.S.-China Competition in the Philippines

602. Great Power Politics: The Indo-Pacific, Southeast Asia, and the Global South

603. War and Peace for Moscow and Beijing

604. The Return of Shuttle Diplomacy

605. Deepening Suspicions and Limited Diplomacy

606. North Cranks up Nukes—and Slams Down the Phone

607. Confrontation Muted, Tensions Growing

608. China Strengthens Regional Leadership Countering US Challenges

609. Washington Zeroes in on Manila

610. An Even Larger Role in Everything

611. US-Korea Relations: Nuclear New Year

612. US-China Effort to Set “Guardrails” Fizzles with Balloon Incident

613. The US and Japan Build Multilateral Momentum

614. India’s Ongoing “Strategic Correction to the East” during 2022

615. China-Russia Relations: Ending the War? Or the World?

616. Japan and South Korea as Like-Minded Partners in the Indo-Pacific

617. Japan-China Relations: A Period of Cold Peace?

618. China-Korea Relations: Kim Jong Un Tests Xi-Yoon Diplomacy

619. Tensions Intensify as Taiwan-US IT Cooperation Blossoms

620. Xi Moderates to US and Others Amid Continued Competition

621. US-Southeast Asia Relations: External Order, Inner Turmoil

622. US-India Relations: Friends with Benefits

623. US-Korea Relations: Everything Everywhere All At Once, Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud

624. US-Japan Relations: Ramping Up Diplomacy and Defense Cooperation

625. Regional Overview: Indo-Pacific as the 'Epicenter',

626. For All the Tea in China: The English East India Company

627. Rhodes Must Fall: The Legacy of Cecil Rhodes in the University of Oxford

628. Robert Maxwell’s Expectations Gap: Regulation and Reputation in the British Communications Industry, 1981-91

629. Sexual Harassment in the “World’s Largest Store”: Managing Macy’s Department Store at the Start of the 20th Century

630. Studio 54: The Discothèque that Reinvented Nightlife

631. Arms Control Tomorrow: Strategies to Mitigate the Risks of New and Emerging Technologies

632. Assessing the Dangers: Emerging Military Technologies and Nuclear (In)Stability

633. De-escalation Efforts: What Tehran wants from a prisoner swap deal with Washington?

634. Diplomacy of Neglect: Assessing the European Union’s engagement in the Sudanese Crisis

635. Cautious Pragmatism: What is thе potential outcome of Washington's approach to thе Nigеr crisis?

636. Cluster Bombs: What is the potential impact of American weapons on Ukraine’s counteroffensive?

637. A Bid to Contain Pressure: What are the motives behind Iranian President's East Africa tour?

638. Partnership Diversification: What are the implications of the sixth round of the Russia-GCC strategic dialogue?

639. A Surprising Shift: Is Somalia choosing Moscow over Washington?

640. Existing Dispute: Does the new budget set the stage for a fresh phase of conflict in Iraq?

641. Restraining Moscow: What are the repercussions of Wagner's rebellion for the Russo-Ukrainian war?

642. Preliminary Talks: Can the talks in Zanzibar lead to an agreement between Ethiopia and the Oromo Liberation Army?

643. The Israeli ThreatL What is driving the renewed escalation between Iran and Azerbaijan?

644. Present Challenges: Will Syria return to the Arab League fold?

645. Messages to Washington: The significance of China's push for a new world order during President Jinping's Moscow visit

646. A Long Shot: Chances of reviving the JCPOA following FM’s Moscow visit

647. Second Meeting in Beijing: China-Facilitated Iran-Saudi diplomatic reconciliation efforts amid US apprehensions

648. Nuclear Threshold: Implications of Iran’s enriching uranium to 84% purity

649. Macron’s Tour: A new French strategy for Africa

650. Intertwined Interest: What’s behind China-Ivory Coast strengthened relations?

651. Facing Pressure: Iran executes former Defence Minister

652. European Mercenaries: Will Congo use Wagner in its conflict with Rwanda?

653. Gas for Survival: Tackling reasons behind the Italian PM's efforts to promote relations with Libya

654. Baghdad and Erbil: A difficult road to settling differences

655. Encircling Damascus: Iran’s Foreign Minister Visits Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey

656. Diplomatic Defeat: Uncovering the low turnout to the Arab League meeting in Tripoli

657. Russia’s 2023 foreign policy concept: war against Ukraine, confrontation with the west, and continuation of the tradition of imperialism

658. The Zeitenwende in German Foreign Policy And The Eastern Partnership

659. Salome’s Choice: Europe and Ivanishvili?

660. Two Years Of Repression: Mapping Taliban Violence Targeting Civilians in Afghanistan

661. Fact Sheet: Crisis in Ethiopia’s Amhara Region

662. Evolution of Multidimensional Energy Poverty Risk in Bolivia from 2005 to 2019

663. Little substance, considerable impact Russian influence in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro

664. Digital Dichotomy: Opportunities and Challenges of Digitalization in Fragile Settings

665. Promoting diaspora investment in fragile settings: The case of Somalia

666. The New Iraqi Opposition: The anti-establishment movement after the 2021 elections

667. The war in Ukraine: Adapting the EU’s security and defence policy

668. Time to change track Assessing the UN’s conflict mediation strategy for Syria from 2019 to 2023

669. Unravelling Turkish involvement in the Sahel: Geopolitics and local impact

670. Protests in Iran in comparative perspective: A revolutionary state in trouble

671. Countering hybrid threats: The role of the Joint Expeditionary Force

672. The EU in the South Caucasus: Navigating a geopolitical labyrinth in turmoil

673. Sahel: Why stabilization efforts should address internal displacement

674. The crisis of representation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

675. The Multiannual Financial Framework: The search for flexibility and recognised effectiveness

676. Twilight Institutions: Land conflict and hybrid authorities in Benin’s Borgou department

677. Power and potential: The economics of Egyptian construction and ICT

678. Open strategic autonomy: The digital dimension

679. Military capabilities affected by climate change: An analysis of China, Russia and the United States

680. How strategic tech cooperation can reinvigorate relations between the EU and India

681. Shades of grey: The evolving links between the Houthi and Iran

682. The state of economic convergence in the Eurozone: Two decades of monetary union and economic governance

683. Getting global development back on track: Focus and start at home

684. Al-Sudani’s first 100 days – Or how to keep everyone happy

685. Trading short-term gains for long-term costs: the Egyptian political economy under al-Sisi

686. Turkey Earthquake: Domestic and Foreign Policy Implications

687. A Dead-End War: Russian Failure and Ukrainian Destruction

688. Even Chances: Defining Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Turkey

689. Erdogan wins the presidency: Causes, implications and horizons

690. Russia’s War Economy

691. Into the Blue Pacific: Why the EU Should Help Island Nations Address Climate Change and Maritime Insecurity

692. Climate and Environmental Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo

693. Migration in the Context of Climate Foreign Policy

694. Double-Edged Sword: How to Engage Returnee Networks in Migrant Reintegration

695. After Ostpolitik: A New Russia and Eastern Europe Policy Based on Lessons from the Past

696. Leveraging Islam and Internal Conflict: Strategies and Consequences in Russia’s War Against Ukraine

697. Toughening Financial Sanctions on Russia: Enforcing Energy Sanctions and Reducing Shadow Reserves Effectively

698. Mobilizing Social Media Influencers: A European Approach to Oversight and Accountability

699. Coping with Technology Sanctions in the Russian Financial Sector

700. Tech Sanctions Against Russia: Turning the West’s Assumptions Into Lessons