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401. The Functionality of Uganda’s Single Spine Agricultural Extension System

402. Compliance Assessment of the FY 2023/24 Budget to Climate Change Interventions in the Third National Development Plan (NDPIII)

403. Emergent Agency in a Time of COVID-19: Research report

404. From Stunt to Substance: An assessment of IMF engagement with civil society

405. Assessing Community Sensitivity to Cross-Border Security in Ghana

406. Proposals for Reducing the Size and Cost of Running Government

407. Reflections on Nigeria’s Elections: Threats, potential outcomes and relevance to democracy in West Africa

408. The Democratic Quality of Primaries in Ghana: A Look at the 2020 NPP Internal Party Elections

409. Why Democracies Implement Better Climate Actions: Case Study of India, the Philippines, and Japan

410. Australia’s Role Supporting Democracies as a Middle Power

411. Shifting Paradigms: The Rise of the Move Forward Party and the Changing Face of Thai Democracy

412. The Demise of ‘Hybrid’ Democracy in Pakistan: Case of Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Arrest

413. Recent Defamation Case and Mounting State Onslaughts Against Political Opposition in India

414. Japan’s Gradual Move to Address Technological Challenges to Democracy

415. Upcoming Elections and Political Turmoil in Pakistan

416. Indonesia’s ASEAN Chairmanship: Challenges for Strengthening Democracy Agenda in ASEAN

417. Institutionalizing Downward Accountability: The Bangladesh Experience

418. Restoring Democracy in Myanmar: A Call for Bolstered Anti-Junta Resistance Forces

419. Taiwan’s Civic Space Threatened by Chinese Misinformation and the Government’s Worrisome Legislative Responses

420. Expanding International Cooperation against Corruption in the Indo-Pacific

421. One Thing It Lacks: South Korea’s North Korea Policy in 2023 National Security Strategy

422. Tasks for North Korea Policy After the Washington Declaration

423. North Korea’s Space Development: The Gap Between Ideal and Reality

424. The South Korea-U.S. Summit and Measures to Enhance Bilateral Cooperation on North Korea

425. Pyongyang in Search of a New Cold War Strategy

426. Japan’s Stance on North Korea’s “New Cold War” Narrative: Strengthening Japan’s Defense and Global Normative Power

427. Russia’s Stance on the North Korean Narrative of a New Cold War

428. U.S. Stance on North Korea’s “New Cold War” Narrative

429. North Korea’s Outlook on the New Cold War

430. Will Spring Ever Come? Security Landscape of Northeast Asia in 2023

431. China’s Stance on North Korea’s “New Cold War” Narrative

432. Re-Declared “Frontal Breakthrough”: North Korea’s Nuclear First Line in 2023 and Its Limitations

433. East Vs. West: A New Cold War?

434. IMperial or Colonial: The War is Fought Over The Soviet Past an A Broken Relationship

435. The West Versus The Rest: The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine And The Crisis Of The "Post-Western" Order

436. Russia, Ukraine, and Lasting Peace in Europe

437. East-West Relations: A New Cold War?

438. Small States and the War in Ukraine

439. U.S. Foreign Policy an the War in Ukraine

440. The Role of Democracy Discourse in the Emerging "New Cold War"

441. West Vs. Non-West: A New Cold War?

442. The Impact of the Ukrainian-Russian War on Rwanda

443. Will Turkiye Find Herself A Place in the New World Order?

444. From East to North: New Frontiers for the EU-NATO Arctic Defence

445. Concerns for Food Security in the Mediterranean and Turkiye

446. Exploring the Russian Perspective on the War in Ukraine: Demography's Power and Ukraine's Uniqueness

447. A "Civil Association" Between the European Union and Russia

448. Why Romania is a NATO "Model Ally?"

449. Towards a Fuzzy World Order: What Role for NATO

450. Rebuilding "Greater Russia" and the Invasion of Ukraine

451. China's Political-Economy, Foreign and Security Policy: 2023

452. The Pathway to an Effective ETS and Power Market Interaction: The Case of the Korean ETS

453. Taiwan Strait Crises: Island Seizure Contingencies

454. General Equilibrium Analysis of Cost-Effectiveness and Distributional Impacts of China’s Nationwide CO2 Emissions Trading System

455. Countering Economic Coercion: Tools and Strategies for Collective Action

456. Getting Indonesia to Net Zero

457. The Transition From an Intensity to an Absolute Emissions Cap in China’s National Emissions Trading System

458. Strengthening Regional Supply Chain Resiliency Through the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)

459. Getting Asia to Net Zero

460. Economic and Environmental Impacts of China’s New Nationwide CO2 Emissions Trading System

461. Indian Carbon Market Simulation Training Exercise Report

462. On Designating the 14-Mile Area in the Cooperation Agreement: Missteps and Implications for Peace in South Sudan

463. Civil Society as a Transitional Justice Litigation Actor in Africa

464. The Colonial Legacy and Transitional Justice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

465. Impact of the Church on Conflict Transformation of Political Crises at Community Level: A Case Study of two Church Denominations in Dzivarasekwa, Harare

466. Emerging Local Voices and New Possibilities Toward Attaining Sustainable Peace in Bawku, north-eastern Ghana

467. The Political Ecology of Farmer-Herder Conflict in Ghana: A Case Study of the Kwahu Afram Plains South District

468. Africa’s Quest for Reform of the United Nations Security Council: A Just Cause Curbed by Unrealistic Proposals

469. Civil War between the Ethiopian Government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front: A Challenge to Implement the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine

470. Transferring Policy: The African Union’s Protection of Civilians Policy in Peacekeeping Missions in Somalia and South Sudan

471. The big squeeze: SPI Defence budget brief 2023–2024

472. North of 26 degrees south and the security of Australia: views from The Strategist, Volume 7

473. AUKUS and critical minerals: hedging Beijing’s pervasive, clever and coordinated statecraft

474. Informing Australia’s next independent intelligence review: learning from the past

475. De-risking authoritarian AI: A balanced approach to protecting our digital ecosystems

476. An inflection point for Australian intelligence: revisiting the 2004 Flood Report

477. Incels in Australia: the ideology, the threat, and a way forward

478. Getting regulation right: Approaches to improving Australia’s cybersecurity

479. Countering China’s coercive diplomacy: Prioritising economic security, sovereignty and the rules-based order

480. ASPI’s Critical Technology Tracker The global race for future power

481. Seeking to undermine democracy and partnerships: How the CCP is influencing the Pacific islands information environment

482. China, climate change and the energy transition

483. China, climate and conflict in the Indo-Pacific

484. Quad Technology Business and Investment Forum outcomes report

485. Gaming public opinion: The CCP’s increasingly sophisticated cyber-enabled influence operations

486. Smooth sailing? Australia, New Zealand and the United States partnering in–and with–the Pacific islands

487. Impactful mateship: Strengthening the US–Australia defence relationship through enhanced mutual understanding

488. Chinese foreign policy in 2023: Stepping back from the brink

489. East Asia’s Worsening Security Situation

490. Military recruitment and conscription in the 21st century

491. Trends in the Disengagement-, Rehabilitation-, and Risk-Assessment-Process of extremist and terrorist offenders

492. No end in sight to the global sprint towards digital sovereignty in 2023 (and beyond)

493. How to rebuild Europe’s security architecture?

494. Putin’s war in Ukraine: How to get out of it?

495. Western Balkans’ Horizon 2023 – New uncertainties in a changed geopolitical setting

496. Turkey: The beginning of the next phase of autocratization or the revival of democracy

497. Continuities and Ruptures in the EU’s Border and Migration Control Regime

498. The Far-Right in the Western Balkans. How the Extreme Right is Threatening Democracy in the Region

499. NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept. Analysis and implications for Austria

500. The third EU-NATO joint declaration (10 January 2023): Was it worth the delay?