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9781. The Two Sources of the Illiberal Turn in Brazil

9782. Iraqi Police: A Hard Place Between State and Society

9783. To Be Served and Protected: Israeli Arab Citizens and the Police

9784. The National Police Service and Nigeria’s Woes

9785. Policing and Violence: The Less Visible Harms of Policing Practices

9786. Bolstering Surveillance for a Pandemic

9787. When Local Politics Go Global: How Erdoğan’s Dominance At Home Allowed Him To Reshape Turkey’s Neighborhood

9788. German Economy Winter 2021: Recovery temporarily on hold

9789. World Economy Autumn 2021: Stumbling blocks on the road to recovery

9790. Post-Corona-Boom Underway

9791. Gender and Extremism in Ethiopia

9792. Inter-Communal Tensions, Violence and Conflicts in the Time of a Pandemic in Ethiopia

9793. Pathways for Reconciliation in Yemen

9794. Scenarios for an impact assessment of global bioeconomy strategies: results from a co-design process

9795. DART-BIO: A technical description

9796. Employment effects of R&D and innovation: Evidence from small and medium-sized firms in emerging markets

9797. Factors facilitating the inventing academics’ transition from nascent entrepreneurs to business owners

9798. Sovereign Debt in the 21st Century

9799. Kind or contented? An investigation of the gift exchange hypothesis in a natural field experiment in Colombia

9800. Green gifts from abroad? FDI and firms' green management