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1. The Impact of Populist Executive on the Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America

2. Duterte’s pandemic populism: Strongman leadership, weak state capacity, and the politics of deployment in the Philippines

3. The Crisis of Civilization Paradigm: Co-Radicalization of Islamist and Populist Groups in Europe

4. The Pandemic Exposes and Exacerbates Existing Problems of Inequality and Polarization

5. Sri Lanka’s Arab Spring Moment: Can Asia’s Oldest Democracy Weather the Crisis?

6. Authoritarian Populism as a Response to Crisis: The Case of Brazil

7. Who are the populists and how to respond to them: Evidence from mainstream European Parliament parties

8. The ghost people and populism from above: The Kais Saied case

9. How Populism Dies: Political Weaknesses of Personalistic Plebiscitarian Leadership

10. One world, many knowledges: Epistemological pluralism and African scholarship (Full Issue)

11. Understanding and Responding to Global Democratic Backsliding

12. A New Populist President: William Ruto’s victory and Kenya’s future

13. How do Economies in EU-CEE Cope with Labour Shortages?

14. Lebanese Trade Unions and Independent Professional Associations: A Review in Light of the Popular Movement

15. The Importance of International Partnerships for Israel’s Progressive Camp

16. Talking about Europe: exploring 70 years of news archives

17. Interest in European matters: a glass three-quarters full?

18. How concerning is Bolsonaro’s recent political and military shakeup?

19. To the Viktor Go the Spoils: What Orbán Needs to Form a New Political Camp in Europe

20. Populism and COVID19: How Populist Governments (Mis)Handle the Pandemic

21. Local David Versus Global Goliath: Populist Parties and the Decline of Progressive Politics in Italy

22. The U.S. and Hungary: Friends in Need of a Better Way

23. Mexico 2018-2021: Pandemic, Crisis, Security and Geopolitics/México 2018-2021: Pandemia, Crisis, Seguridad y Geopolítica

24. Exporting the War on Terror: Islamophobia in Asia

25. The Limits of Democracy

26. Populism and the Pandemic in Southeast Asia

27. Riding the Populist Wave – Europe’s Mainstream Right in Crisis

28. The Applicability of Transitional Justice in Pre-Conflict Contexts

29. Unconstitutional Populism: A Peril to Democracy In Sub-Saharan Africa?

30. Civil Resistance Against 21st Century Authoritarianism: Defending Human Rights in the Global South

31. Argentina: A Tentative Case for Democratic Populism

32. With Friends Like These: The Kremlin’s Far-Right and Populist Connections in Italy and Austria

33. Disillusionment with liberal democracy in the Visegrad countries

34. Combating Populism: A Toolkit for Liberal Democratic Actors

35. September 2020 Issue

36. Foreign Policy as a Contested Front of the Cultural Wars in Turkey: The Middle East and Turkey in the Era of the AKP

37. The End of History Revisited

38. The Pushback Against Populism: Running on “Radical Love” in Turkey

39. Populism and the Pandemic

40. Coronavirus and the Future of Globalization

41. Right-Wing Populism and Anti-Gender Movements: The Same Coin with Different Faces

42. Backsliding of democracy in Slovenia under right-wing populist Janez Janša

43. The US Elections 2020: What Future for Democracy, Social Movements, and Human Rights?

44. Northern Populism: Causes and Consequences of the New Ordered Outlook

45. Populist Leaders and the Economy

46. “To protect national sovereignty from the EU?” The 2019 EP elections and populist parties in V4 countries

47. Panel 2: Islamophobia in Asia: Genocide and Detention

48. Defeating Exclusion, Confronting Populism - Lessons from the Anti Apartheid Struggle

49. Populism: Consequences for Global Sustainable Development

50. From De-Europeanisation to Anti-Western Populism: Turkish Foreign Policy in Flux