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351. Mounting Turmoil: Is Lebanon witnessing a deterioration of the influence of Hezbollah and Iran?

352. Under Observation: The Libyan conflict and the election of a new government

353. Governing Parameters: Will the New Governments in Israel and Iran Affect the Ongoing Tensions Between Them?

354. Bottom-Up Change: Motives behind Erdoğan strategy in ‘politicizing’ the first religious channel for children

355. Restoring the Balance: The economic and political motives for the 'New Mashriq' Project

356. The Likely Scenario: Possible trajectories after Tunisia’s President exceptional decisions

357. Restoring the Role: The Algerian mediation role in the region, various motivators and challenges

358. Appointing Mikati: Will it be the last chance for Lebanon?

359. Baku Dialogues

360. United Nations Special Political Missions and Protection: A Principled Approach for Research and Policymaking

361. The Limits of Democracy

362. More Ethical Political Communication in the 21st Century

363. What Do Social Media Activity and Social Networks Mean for Politics

364. Conspiracy Buffs, Skeptics and the 2016 US Presidential Election

365. Ideological Interventions in the COVID-19 Health Crisis in Turkey By Power, Politics, and Religion

366. Reforming Constitutional Governance in Ghana

367. Political Accountability in Ghanaian Slums: Evidence from the Grassroots

368. Constituting Committees in the Eighth Parliament: Harnessing the Opportunities Inherent in a Hung Parliament

369. Kishida’s Onerous Task After the General Election: The Promotion of Democracy in Domestic and World Politics

370. An Emergence of Youth Participation in Malaysian Politics

371. The Role of Korea’s Election Commission and the Quality of Elections

372. Eight Reasons: Why did Algeria sever political relations with Morocco?

373. Reasons for Russia’s War on Ukraine and its foreseeable consequences on Latin America

374. After the Karabakh War: Key Issues of Politics and Security

375. On the New National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation

376. US Foreign Policy Challenges and Achievements in the First 8 Months of Joseph Biden's Presidency

377. How concerning is Bolsonaro’s recent political and military shakeup?

378. Whose Long Arm? Challenges to Understanding Turkish Diaspora Politics

379. A Transition at Work? The ethnicization of Ethiopia’s informal sector

380. Financial disruption and fragile markets: A political-economic perspective on SMEs in the Somali private sector under COVID-19

381. ‘A careful foot can step anywhere’: The UAE and China in the Horn of Africa: Implications for EU engagement

382. Fruitless cherry picking?: EU engagement with the Syrian opposition (Etilaf)

383. Turkey’s interventions in its near abroad: The case of Libya

384. A strategic shift: The return of the Taliban in Afghanistan and its implications

385. Tunisia: An overlapping political and constitutional crisis

386. Migration Policy in South Africa: Lessons from Africa’s Migration Magnet for European Policymakers

387. The Use of Games in Strategic Foresight: A Warning from the Future

388. To the Viktor Go the Spoils: What Orbán Needs to Form a New Political Camp in Europe

389. Assessing China and Russia’s Influence on the German Parliamentary Elections

390. Partisan Biases in U.S.‐Japan Relations

391. Increasing Support for U.S.‐Japan Alliance in Okinawa is Not a Pipedream

392. Kuwait’s New Government: A Political System in Crisis?

393. The “Non-State” State in Iraqi Political Discourse and Action

394. Analysis of Arab Voting Patterns in the Elections for the 24th Knesset

395. The elections for the 24th Knesset: A Turning Point in the Integration of Arabs into National Politics?

396. Charlie Hebdo’s Caricatures and Macron’s Statements in the Eyes of Francophone Muslim Preachers

397. The Egyptian TikTok Girls

398. The Death of Chad’s Warrior President: What it Means for the Region and the World

399. How the Taliban Re-took Afghanistan

400. Turkey and Egypt: Time for Normalization? Not Quite Yet