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251. How Malaysian Politics Shaped Chinese Real Estate Deals and Economic Development

252. Reducing Pernicious Polarization: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Depolarization

253. Political Change and Turkey’s Foreign Policy

254. Political and Ideological Orientations of Ukrainian Citizens in the Conditions Of The Russian Aggression

255. The Scowcroft Center’s project on twenty-first-century diplomacy

256. Sweden and Finland are on their way to NATO membership. Here’s what needs to happen next.

257. Afghanistan under the Taliban: Regional recalibrations, challenges, and ways forward

258. The Political and Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka

259. The Primacy of Politics and the Protection of Civilians in UN Peacekeeping

260. Sahel: 10 Years of Instability. Local, Regional and International Dynamics

261. Enlarging and deepening: giving substance to the European Political Community

262. Military Coups in Africa: A Continuation of Politics by Other Means?

263. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: A forum where China works for a multilateral order in Central Asia

264. Deepening the Divide: How do regional and international actors impact war-torn Libya

265. The 2023 Turkish elections: An unmarked road

266. After Hegemony: Japan’s role and dilemma in maintaining the rules-based order

267. Taiwan Matters for America/America Matters for Taiwan

268. New Opportunities for the United States-Kingdom of Thailand Alliance in the Indo-Pacific

269. 2022 Retrospective and Trends for 2023

270. The Periphery Cannot Hold: Upper Nile since the Signing of the R-ARCSS

271. 'And Everything Became War': Warrap State since the Signing of the R-ARCSS

272. Political and Media Analysis on the Tigray Conflict in Ethiopia

273. Towards a Renewed Local Social and Political Covenant in Libya, Syria and Yemen

274. The Graveyard of Hubris – Yemen Annual Review 2021

275. Dancing in the Battle for the Mantle of the Politically “Modern”: An Interview with Victoria Philips

276. Inclusion and Exclusion in International Ordering: An Interview with Glenda Sluga

277. Gezegensel Siyaset Manifestosunun Ardından Yeşil Teorinin Uluslararası İlişkilerdeki Konumu

278. From Media-Party Linkages to Ownership Concentration Causes of Cross-National Variation in Media Outlets’ Economic Positioning

279. Factsheet: Karl Nehammer

280. COVID-19 in Alberta

281. Lebanon Country Report 2021-2022

282. Iraq Country Report 2021-2022

283. Libya Country Report 2021-2022

284. Jordan Country Report 2021-2022

285. Algeria Country Report 2021-2022

286. The Foreign Relations of Islamist Movements

287. Cybersecurity Politics – Conceptualization of the Idea

288. African Great Lakes Region: Governance and Politics

289. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Relations Between Government and Parliamentary Opposition in Spain

290. Systemic Analysis of Politics in the Light of Reconstruction of Structural Functionalism of Jeffrey C. Alexander

291. Dispute over the Powers of the President of the Czech Republic

292. Conciliatory and Conflictual Ethnopolitical Concepts in the Republics of the Russian Federation: Tatarstan and Chechnya

293. Spies and Money: Legal Defenses Against Foreign Interference in Political Campaigns

294. Adversarial Avenues: Ten Bipartisan Ways to Make a Bill Like S. 1 Close Loopholes Autocrats Exploit to Meddle in U.S. Politics

295. Coordinating the War on Corruption

296. How To Retain Election Officials To Secure Future Elections

297. Authoritarian protectionism in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe: diversity, commonality and resistance

298. How Can America Challenge China's Political Ambitions in an Age of Deglobalisation?

299. Beyond Borders: Middle East in Empire, Diaspora, and Global Transitions (Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy, Spring 2021)

300. Jordan’s Path in 2021: Trends and Scenarios