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61. Japan Matters for America/America Matters for Japan (2023)

62. Abrogating the Visiting Forces Agreement: Its Effects on Philippines’ Security and Stability in Southeast Asia

63. Understanding the Rohingya Crisis

64. Economic Sanctions During Humanitarian Emergencies: The Case of North Korea

65. Politics of Sports in the Middle East

66. Tradition and Protest: The Druze Community in Lebanese Politics

67. Protecting Democracy Online in 2024 and Beyond

68. Centre-right parties in Germany and Sweden: Challenges and strategies in a changing political landscape

69. Is There Life in the Desert? Russian Civil Society After the Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine

70. House in disorder: How Europeans can help Palestinians fix their political system

71. Nuclear energy and proliferation in Turkey’s Asian Politics

72. Continuismo, contra reacción y triangulación: el desembarco de China en América Latina y la coexistencia de líneas de acción exterior de España hacia la región

73. Political Communication in (Post)Conflict Societies. The case of Kosovo

74. Exploring ‘Bregret’: public attitudes to Brexit, seven years on

75. Policy landscape 2023

76. UK-EU relations tracker: first edition

77. Cold War rivalry on Brazil’s and Argentina’snuclear programs: examining military and civilian intentions

78. Dominating the Superpower: A Bounded Rationality Approach to Nuclear Proliferation and Inhibition in the U.S. / North Korea Dyad

79. Do Campaign Speeches Predict Foreign Policy? An Operational Code and Leadership Trait Analysis of Donald Trump’s MENA Policies

80. Countering United Front Work: Taiwan’s Political Warfare System