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1201. "Just Freedom: A Moral Compass for a Complex World" by Philip Pettit

1202. Political Engagement by Wealthy Americans

1203. Identity Politics and Foreign Policy: Taiwan's Relations with China and Japan, 1895-2012

1204. Take Up Your Pen: Unilateral Presidential Directives in American Politics

1205. The End of Exceptionalism in American Education: The Changing Politics of School Reform

1206. Table of Contents

1207. Sovereignty at sea: the law and politics of saving lives in mare liberum

1208. Eurosceptics in the 2014 EP Elections: Protest parties mobilized on national cleavages between globalization winners and losers

1209. Pakistan and Afghanistan: International Indicators of Progress

1210. Building Networks of Diplomatic Cooperation

1211. The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2016

1212. The Middle East and North Africa: Change and Upheaval 2014

1213. Invisible legacies: Brazil's and South Korea's shift from ISI towards export strategies under authoritarian rule

1214. Local orders in international organisations: the World Health Organization's global programme on AIDS

1215. Actor-networking the 'failed state' - an enquiry into the life of concepts

1216. Theorising the use of private military and security companies: a synthetic perspective

1217. The G20 and Gender Equality: How the G20 can advance women's rights in employment, social protection and fiscal policies

1218. New trade theory: implications for industrial policy

1219. A Political Economy of Slum Spaces: Mathare Valley

1220. The Governance of Global Wealth Chains

1221. Zimbabwe: Waiting for the Future

1222. Iraq's 2014 National Elections

1223. Ukraine's Euromaidan: Questions from the (R)evolution

1224. Does Russia Matter? Purely Political Relations Are Not Enough in Operational Times

1225. Country study: Guatemala

1226. The New Era In Turkish Foreign Policy: Critiques And Challenges

1227. The Crisis and Governance of Religious Pluralism in Europe

1228. The Rise of Radical Liberal Discourse in Turkish Foreign Policy

1229. Can the Kurdish Left Contribute to Turkey's Democratization?

1230. Expert view: Afghanistan

1231. Dilemmas of Campaigning and Governing in the United States: A Conversation with Governor Lincoln D. Chafee

1232. China's Public Opinion Management: Tightening the Grip in the Digital Age

1233. A Call to the Conference of the New England Governors and Eastern Canada Premiers for Bilateral Energy Governance

1234. Global Power Transition, Sanctions and Iran's Export Orientation

1235. Immorality and Illegality of Sanctions and Iranian Response

1236. Political Engagement And Defense Diplomacy Between India And Israel: Post-9/11 And Beyond

1237. An Economic Strategy to Save Ukraine

1238. The Citizen, Power and Democracy in Europe's crisis

1239. 2nd Annual Suna Panel Discussion: Turkey and the EU: Turning Long-Term Relations into Effective Collaboration

1240. An Economical Business-Cycle Model

1241. International Affairs and 'the nuclear age', 1946-2013

1242. The Contextual Model of Electoral Turnout in Emergent Democracies-the Case of the 2004 Korean Legislative Election

1243. Domestic political institutions and the initiation of international conflict in East Asia: some evidence for an Asian democratic peace

1244. External threats, US bases, and prudent voters in Okinawa

1245. Chinese Scholarship on Iran and the Middle East

1246. Continuity and Change in the Construction of Enemy Image in Pre-Revolutionary Iran

1247. Beyond Equal Rights

1248. Increasing Women's Representation in Politics

1249. Book reviews on Chilean democracy, the region's commodity boom and the politics of redistribution.

1250. Toward the Next Phase of Open Government