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1201. Ukraine's Euromaidan: Questions from the (R)evolution

1202. Does Russia Matter? Purely Political Relations Are Not Enough in Operational Times

1203. Country study: Guatemala

1204. The New Era In Turkish Foreign Policy: Critiques And Challenges

1205. The Crisis and Governance of Religious Pluralism in Europe

1206. The Rise of Radical Liberal Discourse in Turkish Foreign Policy

1207. Can the Kurdish Left Contribute to Turkey's Democratization?

1208. Expert view: Afghanistan

1209. Dilemmas of Campaigning and Governing in the United States: A Conversation with Governor Lincoln D. Chafee

1210. China's Public Opinion Management: Tightening the Grip in the Digital Age

1211. A Call to the Conference of the New England Governors and Eastern Canada Premiers for Bilateral Energy Governance

1212. Global Power Transition, Sanctions and Iran's Export Orientation

1213. Immorality and Illegality of Sanctions and Iranian Response

1214. Political Engagement And Defense Diplomacy Between India And Israel: Post-9/11 And Beyond

1215. An Economic Strategy to Save Ukraine

1216. A Peek at Thinking in Principles: The Science of Selfishness

1217. L'exception tunisienne : succès et limites du consensus

1218. Why Brazil has not criticised Russia over Crimea

1219. An Education in Politics: The Origin and Evolution of No Child Left Behind

1220. The 2014 Local Elections in Turkey: A Victory for Identity Politics

1221. Orhan Pamuk, Secularism and Blasphemy: The Politics of the Turkish Nove ERDAĞ GÖKNAR

1222. Fathers and Sons: The Rise and Fall of Political Dynasty in the Middle East M.E. Mcmillan

1223. Revolution and Reform in Russia and Iran: Modernisation and Politics in Revolutionary States Ghoncheh Tazmini

1224. Filistin Politikamız: Camp David'den Mavi Marmara'ya

1225. Energy - A Geopolitical Game Changer?

1226. Explaining the Trajectory of Golkar's Splinters in Post-Suharto Indonesia

1227. Exploring Uzbekistan's Potential Political Transition

1228. A People of War or Peace? Americans' Attitudes Towards the Use of Military Force Abroad in Terrorist and Conflict Situations

1229. The impact of the withdrawal from Afghanistan on Russia's security

1230. Geneva Action Plan: Its Nature and Implications

1231. The Impact of Syrian Crisis on Iran-Turkey Relations

1232. Iran and Central Asia: A Cultural Perspective

1233. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Diplomatic Relations between Iran and the United Kingdom (1989-2011)

1234. The good, the bad, and the ugly: Comparing the notions of 'rogue' and 'evil' in international politics

1235. Evilization in liberal discourse: From Kant's 'unjust enemy' to today's 'rogue state'

1236. Challenging 'evil': Continuity and change in the drug prohibition regime

1237. Conceptual relics, mutual assured evilness and the struggle over Israeli public commonsense

1238. Environmental insecurity and fortress mentality

1239. Does Clientelism Work? A Test os Guessability in India

1240. The State of REDD+ Finance

1241. The Perception of Turkey in the Middle East 2013 (English/Arabic)

1242. Gender and Political Representation in Botswana

1243. Yemen's National Dialogue

1244. Kuwait: At the Crossroads of Change or Political Stagnation

1245. Report of the Kick Off Meeting "The Arab Spring in Comparative Perspective"o

1246. Democracies in the Making: Egypt at the Center of Arab Transitions

1247. Democracies in the Making: Egypt at the Centre of Arab Transitions

1248. A Syrian Settlement Formula: Inter-Syrian Dialogue Supported by External Actors

1249. Russia and the West

1250. Maidan: A Lesson to Be Learned