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1151. Domestic political institutions and the initiation of international conflict in East Asia: some evidence for an Asian democratic peace

1152. External threats, US bases, and prudent voters in Okinawa

1153. Chinese Scholarship on Iran and the Middle East

1154. Continuity and Change in the Construction of Enemy Image in Pre-Revolutionary Iran

1155. Beyond Equal Rights

1156. Increasing Women's Representation in Politics

1157. Book reviews on Chilean democracy, the region's commodity boom and the politics of redistribution.

1158. Toward the Next Phase of Open Government

1159. Policiers et militaires en Allemagne : le nouvel agencement

1160. Fighting for Aboriginal women — Promoting literature for social change — Defending undocumented immigrants — Connecting investors to social impact.

1161. LGBT and women's rights in Argentina — Providing credit-worthiness online — Promoting political debate in Cuba — "Old Media" in the digital age

1162. Vote-Buying and Asymmetric Information

1163. Women's Representation and Legislative Committee Appointments: The Case of the Argentine Provinces

1164. Why Afghanistan's Provincial Council Elections Matter

1165. Drama Power on the Rise? US soft power may increase as a function of Washington dysfunction

1166. EU-Turkey Relations: Turning vicious circles into virtuous ones

1167. Amazonian policy and politics, 2003-13: deforestation, hydropower and biofuels

1168. Hard Talk: Gabriel Marcella and William McIlhenny debate: Should the U.S. spy on its allies?

1169. Celebrating Afro-Peruvian culture through dance — Bringing essential services to Detroit — Creating a global market for Guatemalan weavers — Bringing education to Chile's Indigenous people

1170. The Politics and Ethics of Identity: In Search of Ourselves by Richard Ned Lebow

1171. Political Self-Sacrifice: Agency, Body and Emotion in International Relations

1172. Turkey's Humanitarian Diplomacy and Development Cooperation

1173. Beyond Turkey's Borders: Long-distance Kemalism, State Politics and the Turkish Diaspora

1174. The Emergence of Minorities in the Middle East: The Politics of Community in French Mandate Syria

1175. Nationalism and National Identities

1176. Secularism and Religion-Making

1177. Is Flexible Integration Harming the Prospect of a Common Acquis?

1178. Contesting the U.S. Constitution through State Amendments: The 2011 and 2012 Elections

1179. Global Governance and Future Challenges: Lessons from the Oxford Martin Commission

1180. Twenty eight national elections for a Parliament in constant evolution

1181. A Cosmetic End to Madagascar's Crisis?

1182. Engaging Afghan Religious Leaders for Women's Rights

1183. Labour Market Reforms and Current Account Imbalances: Beggar-thy-neighbour policies in a currency union?

1184. Linking Domestic and European Politics: Finnish MEPs and the Votes that Shaped the 7th European Parliament

1185. Divided Stands the Visegrad? The V4 have been united towards the Ukraine crisis but remain split concerning Russia

1186. Researching Ethnic Relations as the Outcome of Political Processes

1187. A Democratic Rentier State? Taxation, Aid Dependency, and Political Representation in Benin

1188. "The Vulnerable in International Society" by Ian Clark

1189. "Just Freedom: A Moral Compass for a Complex World" by Philip Pettit

1190. Political Engagement by Wealthy Americans

1191. Identity Politics and Foreign Policy: Taiwan's Relations with China and Japan, 1895-2012

1192. Take Up Your Pen: Unilateral Presidential Directives in American Politics

1193. The End of Exceptionalism in American Education: The Changing Politics of School Reform

1194. Table of Contents

1195. Sovereignty at sea: the law and politics of saving lives in mare liberum

1196. Eurosceptics in the 2014 EP Elections: Protest parties mobilized on national cleavages between globalization winners and losers

1197. Pakistan and Afghanistan: International Indicators of Progress

1198. Building Networks of Diplomatic Cooperation

1199. The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2016

1200. The Middle East and North Africa: Change and Upheaval 2014