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1101. African Agency in International Politics

1102. Egypt's Nationalists Dominate in a Politics-Free Zone

1103. Under the State's Thumb: Results from an Empirical Survey of Civic Organizations in Vietnam

1104. Changing Attitudes under New and Old Systems

1105. Women’s Leadership Roles in Afghanistan

1106. Building a Sustainable Afghanistan

1107. Revising U.S. Grand Strategy Toward China

1108. Arctic Security Matters

1109. Hungary under Orbán: Can Central Planning Revive Its Economy?

1110. Russia's Economy under Putin: From Crony Capitalism to State Capitalism

1111. Managing Change at the United Nations: Lessons from Recent Initiatives

1112. Kyrgyzstan: An Uncertain Trajectory

1113. Imagining a New Security Order in the Persian Gulf

1114. The Rise of Nontraditional Islam in the Urals

1115. Nordic-Baltic Security and the US Role

1116. Reimagining Pakistan’s Militia Policy

1117. Defeating the Jihadists in Syria: Competition before Confrontation

1118. Tunisia's New Constitutional Court

1119. The Case against a Carbon Tax

1120. A Tale of Two Villages: Kinship Networks and Political Preference Change in Rural India

1121. Whose Side Are You On? Identifying the Distributive Preferences of Local Politicians in India

1122. Deploying Combined Teams: Lessons Learned from Operational Partnerships in UN Peacekeeping

1123. An Assessment of the Korea-China Free Trade Agreement

1124. Toward a European Migration and Mobility Union

1125. World on the Move: The Changing Global Income Distribution and Its Implications for Consumption Patterns and Public Policies

1126. Enhancing Financial Stability in Developing Asia

1127. Testing the Modigliani-Miller Theorem of Capital Structure Irrelevance for Banks

1128. Much Ado about Nothing? The RMB's Inclusion in the SDR Basket

1129. Climate Change and Human Rights: How? Where? When?

1130. La pérennité du supranationalisme intergouvernemental, paradoxe de l’élargissement (The “Enlargement paradox”: Intergovernmental Supranationalism Survives despite the Winds of Change)

1131. The Politicisation of Afghanistan’s High Schools

1132. The Effect of Exposure to Political Institutions and Economic Events on Demand for Democracy in Africa

1133. Political Risks Facing African Democracies: Evidence from Afrobarometer

1134. Deliberate Disengagement: How Education Decreases Political Participation in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes

1135. Politics in the Interest of Capital: A Not-So-Organized Combat

1136. Kosovo Security Barometer Special Edition Public Perceptions on Kosovo’s Foreign Policy and Political Dialogue with Serbia

1137. Protection for Whom? Violations of International Law in Myanmar's New 'Race and Religion Protection' Laws

1138. The 2015 Nigeria Elections & Violence Against Women in Politics

1139. Thomas Kuhn and international relations theory: Realism in 'crisis'

1140. On Complicity and Compromise

1141. Cosmos, chaos: finance, power and conflict

1142. Ethnic Politics: An Issue to National Integration (The Case of Pakistan)

1143. Peace Talks with Taliban: Expectations, Realities and Way Forward

1144. The Salatin of Delhi in the Age of Sultan ul Masha’ikh

1145. Topology of Extremism: Implication on the Contemporary Politics of Pakistan

1146. The Citizen, Power and Democracy in Europe's crisis

1147. 2nd Annual Suna Panel Discussion: Turkey and the EU: Turning Long-Term Relations into Effective Collaboration

1148. An Economical Business-Cycle Model

1149. International Affairs and 'the nuclear age', 1946-2013

1150. The Contextual Model of Electoral Turnout in Emergent Democracies-the Case of the 2004 Korean Legislative Election