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51. Tackling Russian Gray Zone Approaches in the Post-Cold War Era

52. Quo Vadis, Turkish IR? Mapping Turkish IR’s Footsteps within the Global

53. The EU accession prospects of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

54. Turning No Tides: Union Effects on Partisan Preferences and the Working-Class Metamorphosis

55. What is Iran's Next Move?

56. Tunisia's new state institutions, legitimacy, and the future of the political transition

57. Climate Action, Geopolitical Risks and Strategic Policy: The Western Race to Secure Critical Raw Materials

58. Europe is Stuck Over the Israel-Hamas War

59. A Treaty Change for the European Defence Union

60. The Arctic within EU Strategies: A Renewed Centrality

61. Are Global Value Chains for Sale? On Business-State Relations in the MENA Region

62. On the Edge: Delays in Election Results and Electoral Violence in Sub-Sahara Africa

63. Covering the Greater Middle East Crisis: The Problematic Representation of Cultural and Political Issues in International Media

64. REPORT LAUNCH: Presumptively Antisemitic: Islamophobic Tropes in the Palestine-Israel Discourse

65. Palestine Teach In Series: Palestine 101 with Dr. Zachary Foster

66. Climate Change in Egypt: Opportunities and Obstacles

67. Arab Peace Initiative II: How Arab Leadership Could Design a Peace Plan in Israel and Palestine

68. Northwestern Syria in the Time of Cholera, Earthquakes, and Environmental Degradation

69. Introducing the Research Project “Sacred Narrative – The Political Dimension of Japanese Mythology"

70. Kenya: Competition Over Politics and Resources Affect Recent County Border Disputes

71. Income shocks, political support and voting behaviour

72. Red herrings: A theory of bad politicians hijacking media attention

73. Panic politics on the US West Coast

74. Impact of depenalization on drugs deaths in England and Wales. An instrumental variable approach

75. Global South Versus Geopolitical South: A Debate on the Analytical Relevance of the Concepts

76. MIT X TAU Series: Africa's New Development Models

77. Starr Forum: Chornobyl to Zaporizhzhia: The Atom and its Impact on Ukraine’s Politics and Security

78. MIT X TAU Series: Africa's E-Governance, feat. President José Maria Neves

79. Plebiscitarian Origins and Temptations of Liberal Democracy

80. Territorial Loss and Ethnopopulism

81. Kuwait Country Report 2022

82. KEI's Special Project on the South Korean Nuclear Armament Debate

83. The minilateral moment in the Middle East: An opportunity for US regional policy?

84. A US agenda for action in Sudan’s information environment

85. Investigating China’s economic coercion: The reach and role of Chinese corporate entities

86. Military recruitment and conscription in the 21st century

87. The Far-Right in the Western Balkans. How the Extreme Right is Threatening Democracy in the Region

88. The European Political Community: Putting politics first?

89. Japan-China Relations: A Period of Cold Peace?

90. Promoting diaspora investment in fragile settings: The case of Somalia

91. Decisive but Forgotten: Germany’s Missing Technological Zeitenwende

92. US Trade Policy Options for Pacific Islands States Require Washington’s Political Commitment

93. Sustaining Congressional Engagement with Southeast Asia

94. What the Compact Impact Fairness Act Means for Compact Host Governments and Migrants

95. Korea Matters for America/America Matters for Korea (2023)

96. Two Peripheries: The Ukraine War's Effect on North Korea-Russia Relations

97. United Kingdom Engagement with North Korea

98. From Coy to Cold Shoulder - The European Union and North Korea

99. From Close Allies to Distant Comrades: The Ups and Downs of the Vietnam-North Korea Relationship

100. North Korea-Guyana Relations in the Burnham Era