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1. Palestinian Elections: A Vital Step Toward a Stable Political Settlement

2. A Vision for Regional – International Partnership for Gaza Rebuilding and Palestinian Economic Leap

3. Europe and Russia on the Balkan Front. Geopolitics and Diplomacy in the EU’s Backyard

4. Ethnic Divisions and Ensuring Stability in Kazakhstan: A Guide for U.S. Policy

5. Competition Versus Exclusion in U.S.–China Relations: A Choice Between Stability and Conflict

6. Common Good Diplomacy: A Framework for Stable U.S.–China Relations

7. Russia Is Down, But Not Out, in Central Asia

8. From shock and awe to stability and flaws: Iraq’s post-invasion journey

9. Fragile States Index 2023 – Annual Report

10. The Syrian Civil War Twelve Years On: Can There Be a Constructive Role for Greece?

11. Restoring Competitive Politics: Electoral Contestation and the Future in Turkey and India, and Iran and Russia

12. Shifting Dynamics in the Middle East: Implications for Pakistan

13. Social and Historical Investigation of China’s Ethnic Minorities: Based on Political Stability and National Unity

14. Can Alternative Sequencing of Actions Break the Deadlock in Implementing the Agreement on the Path to Normalization between Kosovo and Serbia?

15. What is Kosovo’s position in regional security cooperation?

16. Strategies to future-proof Zambia: Debt relief and beyond

17. Individualism and Political Stability

18. Stabilizing the Border: A Possible Way Ahead in the Post-Galwan Situation

19. A Roadmap for Economic-Political Stability in Gaza, within A Wider Framework

20. Pariah or Partner? Reevaluating the U.S.-Saudi Relationship

21. Making Sense of Pakistani Youth How Youth in Pakistan View State, Society, Religion, and Politics

22. Afghan Peace and Reconciliation

23. Footing the bill? Less legitimacy, more avoidance mark African views on taxation

24. Increasing the Success and Sustainability of Democracy and Governance Interventions in Post-conflict Countries

25. Conflict in Two Theaters? European Misperceptions about the Asia-Pacific

26. US-Japan Development Cooperation for Stability and Prosperity in the Pacific Islands Region

27. Afghanistan Under Taliban: A new Regime Poses a Threat to International Stability

28. The UAE Under Attack: A Foreign Policy Test

29. Building security: How Europeans can help reform Libya

30. Fragile States Index 2022 – Annual Report

31. Managing the Risks of Instability in the Western Balkans

32. Iraq: Stabilising the Contested District of Sinjar

33. How Religious Diplomacy and Pan-Islamic Organizations Can Help Stabilize Afghanistan

34. A Stabilizing Factor: Oman’s Quiet Influence amid Mounting Uncertainty in the Gulf

35. The Ukraine Crisis and China-India Relations

36. China’s Interests in Afghanistan One Year After the U.S. Withdrawal

37. Role of Biraderism in Democratization in Punjab, Pakistan; a Conceptual Framework

38. A pillar of stability in an unstable world

39. Will the European Political Community actually be useful?

40. The role of local governance in achieving political stability: A joint public-private effort towards sustainable development

41. Implications of COP26 for Africa's mining industry

42. Tax provisioning by extractive industry multinational subsidiaries

43. Israel and Lebanon Conclude Maritime Agreement

44. A Shaky Foundation: The Myth of Authoritarian Stability in the Middle East

45. Responding to the Looming Food Crisis and Managing Political Stability in Indonesia

46. Walking the tightrope towards the EU: Moldova’s vulnerabilities amid war in Ukraine

47. What’s in the New Southern Policy Plus? An ASEAN Perspective on Building Niche-based Pragmatic Cooperation with South Korea

48. “No Going Backward”: Afghanistan’s Post–Peace Accord Security Sector

49. The Economic Impact of Political Instability and Mass Civil Protest

50. Burning ambition: Egypt’s return to regional leadership and how Europe should respond