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1. China's Green Transition Policies and Its Implications for Korea

2. The Emissions Reduction Potential for Freight Transport on a High-speed Rail Line Along the ‘European Silk Road’

3. Assessing the importance of new corridors in the South Caucasus in the context of the RussianUkrainian war

4. Striking evidence: The impact of railway strikes on competition from intercity bus services in Germany

5. EU-Pacific Talks: In-EV-itable future of automotive industry: what is the role of the Pacific region

6. Security Threats to Trade Management During the Mughal Era in South Asia (1500-1750)

7. 475,106 Mistakes: The Cost of Erroneous Parking Tickets

8. Measuring illicit financial flows: A gravity model approach to estimate international trade misinvoicing

9. The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on Global Transport Networks and the Role of Georgia

10. Transportation and National Security

11. E-mobility: An OPPORTUNITY for Central-Eastern Europe

12. The Western Mediterranean Transport and Logistics Sector in the Post-Covid-19 Era: Seizing New Opportunities, Accelerating Transitions

13. Traditional Services Trade in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

14. India's Regional Connectivity and Indo-Pacific Partnerships

15. Egypt transport policies 2014-2021

16. Modernizing Ukraine’s Transport and Logistics Infrastructure

17. Connectivity in Central Asia at the Crossroads of International Crises: Transport, Energy and Water from Interdependence to New Cooperation Ways

18. Belt and Road Initiative vs. Baltic Sea Region. The perspectives of the container transport market in Poland

19. Welfare Implications of Electric Bike Subsidies: Evidence from Sweden

20. Iran Seeks to Reroute North-South Transport Corridor to Armenia, Away From Azerbaijan

21. Unfinished Connectivity in the Bay of Bengal

22. Sustainable Mobility: Renewable Hydrogen in the Transport Sector

23. A US Infrastructure Plan: Building for the Long Haul

24. Will COVID Drive an Early Peak in Transportation Activity and Oil Demand?

25. What do investors in electric vehicles technologies want?

26. New Silk Road – An Opportunity for the Development of Rail Container Transport in Poland?

27. Morris Motors: How Oxford became a Motor City

28. Trade and Transport Margins in Pharmaceuticals and other R&D-Intensive Industries

29. Mobility of the Future: Climate Change and New Technologies

30. The Effects of India’s COVID-19 Lockdown on Critical Non-COVID Health Care and Outcomes

31. 2021 State Budget of Azerbaijan: Independent View

32. China Maritime Report No. 4: Civil Transport in PLA Power Projection

33. Roads and jobs in Ethiopia

34. Understanding Transportation in Emerging Economies

35. The Kunming-Vientiane Railway: The Economic, Procurement, Labor, and Safeguards Dimensions of a Chinese Belt and Road Project

36. Negotiation and Deescalation – The Yemen Review, November 2019

37. Modern aspects of the development of security in air transport under the conditions of air terrorism

38. The Arctic Railway and the Sámi: Reconciling national interests with indigenous rights

39. What Is the U.S. Trade and Development Agency?

40. Urban Transport in the Sharing Economy Era: Collaborative Cities

41. The Economic Impact of Gatwick Airport

42. Will We Derail US Freight Rolling Stock Production?

43. Where rents are driven by quality of public services, not proximity to transit

44. The Economic Impact of London Luton Airport

45. The response of Turkey and Russia after Jet Crisis and the implications for the South Caucasus