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1. After the Kabul Hotel Attack: The Taliban and China Confront Security Challenges in Afghanistan

2. Pakistan Security Report 2022

3. The violent legacy of fascism: Neofascist political violence in Italy, 1969–88

4. Assessing Community Sensitivity to Cross-Border Security in Ghana

5. Trends in the Disengagement-, Rehabilitation-, and Risk-Assessment-Process of extremist and terrorist offenders

6. Psychological Determinants of Individual Radicalisation

7. Selected Problems of Security Control in Civil Aviation Based on Own Empirical Research

8. Assessing Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Initiatives Across the West – Lessons Learned

9. The Terrorism of Tomorrow is Already Here

10. Hezbollah in Colombia: Past and Present Modus Operandi and the Need for Greater Scrutiny

11. U.S. Counterterrorism Reimagined: Tracking the Biden Administration's Effort to Reform How America Addresses Violent Extremism

12. Fighting Jihadists By, With, and Through U.S. Partners: Lessons Learned and Future Prospects

13. Rhetoric Meets Reality in Jawlani’s Push for Self-Sufficiency

14. Looking for Legitimacy: Taliban Diplomacy Since the Fall of Kabul

15. Scoring Iraq’s New Government: Metrics for Preserving U.S. Interests

16. Hamas at 35

17. Pandemic Politics Through Social Media: A Study of India

18. Critical Event Analysis to Terrorism in an Emerging Economy of Pakistan

19. Is Terrorism a Unique Form of Violence? An Assessment of the Academic Critique

20. Policy Journal by Women of Color: WCAPS Pipeline Fellows Publication

21. The Killing of Al-Zawahiri and the Future of Al-Qaeda

22. What is Different in this Wave of Violence and What Should be Done About It?

23. Increased and Targetted Force Reduced Violence in the Last Terror Wave

24. Protection of Polish critical infrastructure (CI) against air threats

25. Intelligent terrorism as a security threat to critical infrastructure

26. Children at Risk of Statelessness in the Fight against Terrorism

27. Taliban Victory Serves as a Model for Palestinian Terror Groups

28. US Policy Towards the Yemeni Conflict Must Change

29. The Unavoidable Campaign to Destroy the Jenin Terrorist Hub

30. Between ISIS and Arab Citizens of Israel

31. A Multi-Front Terror Campaign: How Should Israel Respond?

32. With Ramadan Approaching, the Fear of Escalation

33. Post-Pulwama Indo-Pak COnflict: Reconnoitering The Role of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

34. Terrorism and Abrahamic Religious Tradition: A Focus on Boko Haram Islamic Fundamentalism in the North-Eastern Nigeria

35. Campaigning For Aafia: From ‘Twitter Storms” to Terrorism

36. Raising awareness about the increased threat of the criminal and terrorist use of cryptocurrencies

37. El manifiesto terrorista como instrumento de análisis del proceso de radicalización: el caso de la extremaderecha

38. Ukraine Russia Crisis: Terrorism Briefing

39. Global Terrorism Index 2022

40. Global Peace Index 2022

41. The Causes and Consequences of Refugee Flows: A Contemporary Re-Analysis

42. Counterterrorism from the Sky? How to Think Over the Horizon about Drones

43. Pushed to Extremes: Domestic Terrorism amid Polarization and Protest


45. Are the effects of terrorism short-lived?

46. Starr Forum: Reign of Terror: How the 9/11 Era Destabilized America and Produced Trump

47. Powered by Twitter? The Taliban's Takeover of Afghanistan

48. Protection Dilemmas Arising from the Reintegration of Former Combatants and the Impact of the Terrorist Designation

49. Mirroring its British masters: state and outsourced terrorism against the Maoist insurgency

50. The Wisdom of U.S. Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan