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1. Scylla and Charybdis: The Self-Determination of Peoples Versus the Territorial Integrity of States

2. Georgian Ethnopolitical Conflicts as a Subject of Confrontation between the USA and Russia

3. Handbook on the Prevention and Resolution of Self-Determination Conflicts

4. Post-Colonial Legality and Human Rights

5. Self-Determination and Sea-Level Rise

6. Climate, State, and Sovereignty: Self-Determination and Sea Level Rise

7. Gender, Law, and Security: Selected Student Research from the Project on Gender and the Global Community, 2019-2020

8. Peace as a Human Right: Outlook of the Relationships between Human Rights and Peace from the 21st Century | Bir İnsan Hakkı Olarak Barış: İnsan Hakları/Barış İlişkisinin 21. Yüzyıldan Görünümü

9. A Comparison of Nisga’a Self-Government and International Standards of Indigenous Self-Determination

10. Secessionist Conflict: A Happy Marriage between Norms and Interests?

11. The Securitisation of Kurdish Self-Determination as A Challenge for the Sectarian Balance of Power in the Middle East

12. One hundred years of State Secessions

13. Kashmir: A Case for Self-Determination

14. The West Bank’s Area C: Israel’s Eastern Line of Defense

15. Self-Determination and U.S. Choices

16. Settling Kurdish Self-Determination in Northeast Syria

17. Identity and Self-determination: The Fertit Opposition in South Sudan

18. Kashmir and Global Powers

19. Complex Palestinian Narratives & Competing Political Visions | FMEP

20. Resistance at 70: The Future of the Palestinian National Movement

21. State of Human Rights in India: A Case Study of Muslim Minority Oppression

22. What’s Going on in Catalonia?

23. After the Kurdistan Referendum: Iraq’s Road to Reconciliation

24. The Kurds in a Volatile Middle East

25. The Deterrence and Assurance Conversation

26. Right of Peoples to Self-Determination

27. The mapping of peace constituency actors in the Philippines

28. Grand Strategy and Self-Determinatio

29. To Vote or Not to Vote: Examining the Disenfranchised in Egypt's Political Landscape

30. Reviving Ukraine’s Private Sector: How US Leadership Can Yield Benefits

31. Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin's War in Ukraine

32. A Tale of Two Villages: Kinship Networks and Political Preference Change in Rural India

33. Foreigners in the Ukrainian Government: A Unique Solution for Challenging Times

34. Nigeria's Dangerous 2015 Elections: Limiting the Violence

35. An Economic Strategy to Save Ukraine

36. Thinking beyond Roadmaps in Somalia

37. Guinea's Other Emergency: Organising Elections

38. Behind Closed Doors: The risk of denying women a voice in determining Afghanistan's future

39. Aboriginal Self-Determination: A Comparative Study of New Zealand, Australia, and the United States of America

40. William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, and the American Founding: The Philadelphia Factor

41. Choosing our Geography: 12 Points to Restore Meaning to the Eastern Partnership

42. Russia's Counterinsurgency in North Caucasus: Performance and Consequence

43. The West and the Muslim Brotherhood After the Arab Spring