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1. The Red-Hot Blue Line

2. A battle against time – and against Putin’s Russia

3. A Strategy for Countering the Houthi Threat at Sea

4. China’s Role in the Middle East

5. What’s next for Pakistan after election shock?

6. How Safe is Eastern Mediterranean Gas?

7. Ties Between Hostile Actors in the Red Sea

8. Escalation on the Israel-Lebanon Front

9. Houthi Shipping Attacks in the Red Sea

10. Understanding EU-NATO Cooperation: How Member States Matter

11. Vernacular Border Security: Citizens’ Narratives of Europe’s ‘Migration Crisis’

12. What is Serbia’s “Project 5000” and why Should we be concerned?

13. The Defence of Europe by Europeans: a myth, a necessity, an ambition, a hope?

14. Unity Versus Division in South East Europe on Global Conflict Issues

15. Japan’s Supply Chain Policy and its Implications for South Korea

16. Arming Allies and Partners: How Foreign Military Sales Can Change the China Problem

17. War with China: A View from Early 2024

18. Decisive Decade: PRC Global Strategy and the PLA as a Pacing Challenge – 2023 PLA Conference

19. Origins and Outcomes of U S Defense Policy Toward Israel with Josh Paul

20. Foreign Interference Online: Where Disinformation Infringes on Freedom of Thought

21. Protecting Freedom of Thought: Mitigating Technological Enablers of Disinformation

22. Beyond the Quasi-Alliance? An Analysis of the Japan-Australia Special Strategic Partnership

23. NATO PA's Role in Consolidating Article 2 of the Atlantic Alliance Treaty

24. Pakistan’s Evolving Militant Landscape: State Responses and Policy options

25. Afghan Peace and Reconciliation: Pakistan's Interests and Policy Options 11

26. German Ports and China: How to Reconcile Openness, Resilience and Security?

27. Understanding the Role of Women in Nigeria’s Non-State Armed Groups and Security Architecture

28. South Korea’s Emergence as a Defense Industrial Powerhouse

29. Charting the Radical Right’s Influence on EU Foreign Policy

30. Assessing the importance of new corridors in the South Caucasus in the context of the RussianUkrainian war

31. One Year After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: The geopolitical struggle is not where you think it is

32. What Works in Conflict Prevention?

33. Women's Security in Local Communities

34. Anti-corruption Capacities of Public Procurement in the Security Sector: Report for 2020 and 2021 - Part I

35. Anti-corruption Capacities of Public Procurement in the Security Sector: Report for 2020 and 2021 - Part II

36. The Return of the Foreign Fighters and Their Families to Their Homeland: Existing Practices and Considerations Regarding Security and Human Rights

37. Less is More: A New Strategy for US Security Assistance to Africa

38. Pay Day Loans and Backroom Empires: South Sudan’s Political Economy since 2018

39. Las políticas de seguridad y defensa como valor público y bien común

40. La “Ceguera Marítima”: características, consecuencias y alternativas.Alemania, Brasil y la Organización Marítima Internacionalen comparación

41. El océano azulde la política común de seguridad y defensa

42. Derecho humano a la seguridad:Prevención del Extremismo Violentocon Vasili Grossman

43. Gobernanza, gestión y políticas públicas: evaluación tridimensionalde la política de seguridad del Ayuntamiento dePuebla, México

44. Seguridad y defensa,de bienes públicos puros aun enfoquede bienes comunes

45. Mexico Peace Index 2023

46. Prescription for Military Paralysis: Wartime Reactor Meltdowns (Occasional Paper 2305)

47. Space: America's New Strategic Front Line


49. Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) in West Africa: Lessons from Ghana

50. NATO in the North: The emerging division of labour in Northern European security

51. Climate change and security: Preparing for different impacts

52. The role of space technologies in power politics: Mitigating strategic dependencies through space resilience

53. Russian aggression and the European Arctic: Avoiding the trap of Arctic exceptionalism

54. The war-induced exodus from Russia: A security problem or a convenient political bogey?

55. Russia’s regime transformation and the invasion of Ukraine: From a failed blitzkrieg to war as the new normal

56. Mexico’s domestic decay: Implications for the United States and Europe

57. Enhancing small state preparedness: Risks of foreign ownership, supply disruptions and technological dependencies

58. Allies Help Those Who Help Themselves: How Estonia and Japan Approach Deterrence

59. Europe’s Broken Order and the Prospect of a New Cold War

60. New Frontiers: Estonia’s Foreign Policy in Africa

61. War and Energy Security: Lessons for The Future

62. The Future of Arms Control: Ready to (Dis)Agree?

63. NATO’s new Defence Plans

64. Prospects for Ukraine’s NATO Membership

65. How Russia Went to War: The Kremlin’s Preparations for Its Aggression Against Ukraine

66. The Eagle in the South Caucasus: Armenia Tests Alternative Geopolitical Waters

67. Australia and India’s New Military Bases: Responses to China’s Naval Presence in the Indian Ocean

68. Naval Incident Management in Europe, East Asia and South East Asia

69. Five Urgent Questions on Ecological Security

70. Climate, Peace and Security in a Changing Geopolitical Context: Next Steps for the European Union

71. The Arctic is Hot: Addressing the Social and Environmental Implications

72. New Compact, Renewed Impetus: Enhancing the EU’s Ability to Act Through its Civilian CSDP

73. Time to Recalibrate America’s Middle East Policy

74. Transparency and Accountability: US Assistance to Ukraine

75. NATO’s Black Sea Frontier Is the Southern Shore of the Caspian Sea

76. Campaigning to Dissuade: Applying Emerging Technologies to Engage and Succeed in the Information Age Security Competition

77. Eritrea’s Growing Ties with China and Russia Highlight America’s Inadequate Approach in East Africa

78. Faltering Lion: Analyzing Progress and Setbacks in Somalia’s War against al-Shabaab

79. From Fueling Victory to Running on Empty: Lessons from American Energy Policy in War and Peace

80. Fragile unity: Why Europeans are coming together on Ukraine (and what might drive them apart)

81. Opening the Global Gateway: Why the EU should invest more in the southern neighbourhood

82. Sustain and prosper: How Europeans can support Ukraine

83. The battle for the Indian Ocean: How the EU and India can strengthen maritime security

84. Renewable relations: A strategic approach to European energy cooperation with the Gulf states

85. Keeping America close, Russia down, and China far away: How Europeans navigate a competitive world

86. The power of control: How the EU can shape the new era of strategic export restrictions

87. EU – Pacific Talks: EU – Security Challenges for the Pacific, EU, and Russia

88. Neutrality Not NATO: Assessing Security Options for Ukraine

89. Overreach in Africa: Rethinking U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy

90. Moving to an Offshore Balancing Strategy for East Asia

91. The European Political Community from Paris to Chisinau: an idea taking shape?

92. Drafting Greece’s “Internal Security Strategy” – Challenges and Prospects

93. International terrorism, a threat present in Kosovo

94. El modelo de intervención militar ruso-soviético

95. ¿Hacia una Europa de la Defensa?

96. La relación de España con Argelia: Más allá de la colaboración energética

97. Addressing Cohesion Policy’s identity crisis in a changing European Union

98. Quantum technologies and value chains: Why and how Europe must act now

99. How the EU and US can advance the green transition along with energy and resource security

100. Soldiers out, civilians left behind: EU lessons from the evacuation of Kabul