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3201. Assad Strikes Damascus

3202. Flight of Icarus? The PYD's Precarious Rise in Syria

3203. A Window of Opportunity to Upgrade EU Foreign Policy

3204. A Window of Opportunity for Somalia: Will External Actors' Peacebuilding Frameworks Help or Hinder the Effort?

3205. The role of the European Union in the world

3206. The Afghan National Police in 2015 and Beyond

3207. President Rouhani and the IRGC

3208. A Cosmetic End to Madagascar's Crisis?

3209. Jordan Not Out of the Woods Yet

3210. Salafism as a National Security Threat for Iran

3211. Turkey-Egypt Relations: Incentives to Normalize

3212. The (in)securisation by military technologies and the significance of violence : a case-study of the NATO military intervention in Libya (2011) | L’(in)sécurisation par les technologies militaires et la mise en sens de la violence: Le cas de l’intervention militaire de l’OTAN au-dessus de la Libye (2011)

3213. Counting for the sake of counting. The pratical manifestations of a criminological knowledge in local organisations dedicated to security | Compter pour compter Les manifestations pratiques de savoirs criminologiques dans les instances locales de sécurité

3214. Financing for the Implementation of National Action Plans on UN Security Council Resolution 1325: Critical for Advancing Women's Human Rights, Peace and Security

3215. Women Count: Security Council Resolution 1325: Civil Society Monitoring Report 2014

3216. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Fall 2014

3217. Nordic-Baltic Support to Military and Security Capacity Building?

3218. Transforming armed non-state actors Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration

3219. Prioritising European Defence Cooperation: The next step for the common security and defence policy

3220. After Ukraine: Keeping the Arctic Stable

3221. Turkey's New Vision for “Man's Best Hope for Peace”: United Nations Reform and Reorganization of the Security Council

3222. Governance Transfer by the Southern African Development Community (SADC). A B2 Case Study Report

3223. Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children

3224. Military Security within the Framework of Security Studies: Research Results

3225. Central Asian States: Matching Military Means to Strategic Ends

3226. Russia’s View of Its Relations with Georgia after the 2012 Elections: Implications for Regional Stability

3227. The Ukrainian Crisis and its Effect on the Project to Establish a Eurasian Economic Union Russian Politics in Times of Change: Internal and External Factors of Transformation Russia’s View of Its Relations with Georgia after the 2012 Elections: Implications for Regional Stability The “Color Revolutions” and “Arab Spring” in Russian Official Discourse Russia and the Arab Spring The Transfer of Power in Central Asia and Threats to Regional Stability

3228. Mali’s Public Mood Reflects Newfound Hope

3229. Sensitive to Conflict?: Development Cooperation and Peacebuilding in the Palestinian Context

3230. Playing with Fire: Pitfalls of Egypt's Security Tactics

3231. Factors Undermining Legitimacy in Libya

3232. Taking a Gamble, Haftar Resorts to Force

3233. Sisi as President: Questionable Legitimacy, Unclear Future

3234. Sudan: Security Crackdown Puts Dialogue at Risk

3235. Egypt’s Obstructed Horizon: Regime in Crisis and Fragmented Opposition

3236. Egypt: North Sinai Crisis Deepens

3237. Vers un « multiculturalisme policier » ? La lutte contre la radicalisation en France, aux Pays-Bas et au Royaume-Uni (Towards “Policed Multiculturalism”? Counter-radicalization in France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom)

3238. ASEAN Food Security: Towards a More Comprehensive Framework

3239. Proxy wars in cyberspace: The Evolving International Law of Attribution

3240. Plausible Deniability: Proxy Wars in Africa

3241. Purveyors of Terror: Counterterrorism in Africa's Failing States

3242. A Temporary Marriage of Convenience: Transnational Jihadists in Proxy Warfare

3243. Ukraine - Europe's New Proxy War?

3244. When Proxies Fail, Force Must Prevail U.S.-Iran Relations

3245. Insights of Intelligence Insiders on (Non-) Sharing Intelligence Behaviors

3246. Peace Talks with Taliban: Expectations, Realities and Way Forward

3247. The US and Turkey in Search of Regional Strategy: Towards Asymptomatic Trajectories

3248. España y Estados Unidos en un nuevo contexto estratégico

3249. El largo camino hacia la gestión integral de la Crisis en la Unión Europea

3250. European Narratives on the "Arab Spring" – From Democracy to Security