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151. Protests in Iran in comparative perspective: A revolutionary state in trouble

152. Military capabilities affected by climate change: An analysis of China, Russia and the United States

153. Into the Blue Pacific: Why the EU Should Help Island Nations Address Climate Change and Maritime Insecurity

154. Climate and Environmental Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo

155. After Ostpolitik: A New Russia and Eastern Europe Policy Based on Lessons from the Past

156. From “Forward ­Presence” to ­“Forward Defense”: Germany Must Strengthen ­NATO’s Northeastern Flank in Lithuania

157. China “De-risking”: A Long Way from Political Statements to Corporate Action

158. German Defense Spending: A Repeat of the Past Instead of a New Era

159. Whose Zeitenwende? Germany Cannot Meet Everyone’s Expectations

160. European Defense in A New Age (#EDINA)

161. Security Guarantees for Ukraine: Until NATO Membership, Extending the Joint Expeditionary Force Is the Best Option

162. Protecting the EU’s Submarine Cable Infrastructure: Germany’s Opportunity to Transform Vulnerability into Mutual Resilience

163. What North Korea Has Been Learning From Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

164. Abrogating the Visiting Forces Agreement: Its Effects on Philippines’ Security and Stability in Southeast Asia

165. Normalizing U.S.–Pakistan Relations

166. Assessing the importance of new corridors in the South Caucasus in the context of the RussianUkrainian war

167. One Year After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: The geopolitical struggle is not where you think it is

168. What Works in Conflict Prevention?

169. Women's Security in Local Communities

170. Anti-corruption Capacities of Public Procurement in the Security Sector: Report for 2020 and 2021 - Part I

171. Anti-corruption Capacities of Public Procurement in the Security Sector: Report for 2020 and 2021 - Part II

172. The Return of the Foreign Fighters and Their Families to Their Homeland: Existing Practices and Considerations Regarding Security and Human Rights

173. Less is More: A New Strategy for US Security Assistance to Africa

174. Pay Day Loans and Backroom Empires: South Sudan’s Political Economy since 2018

175. Las políticas de seguridad y defensa como valor público y bien común

176. La “Ceguera Marítima”: características, consecuencias y alternativas.Alemania, Brasil y la Organización Marítima Internacionalen comparación

177. El océano azulde la política común de seguridad y defensa

178. Derecho humano a la seguridad:Prevención del Extremismo Violentocon Vasili Grossman

179. Gobernanza, gestión y políticas públicas: evaluación tridimensionalde la política de seguridad del Ayuntamiento dePuebla, México

180. Seguridad y defensa,de bienes públicos puros aun enfoquede bienes comunes

181. Mexico Peace Index 2023

182. Prescription for Military Paralysis: Wartime Reactor Meltdowns (Occasional Paper 2305)

183. Space: America's New Strategic Front Line


185. Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) in West Africa: Lessons from Ghana

186. NATO in the North: The emerging division of labour in Northern European security

187. Climate change and security: Preparing for different impacts

188. The role of space technologies in power politics: Mitigating strategic dependencies through space resilience

189. Russian aggression and the European Arctic: Avoiding the trap of Arctic exceptionalism

190. The war-induced exodus from Russia: A security problem or a convenient political bogey?

191. Russia’s regime transformation and the invasion of Ukraine: From a failed blitzkrieg to war as the new normal

192. Mexico’s domestic decay: Implications for the United States and Europe

193. Enhancing small state preparedness: Risks of foreign ownership, supply disruptions and technological dependencies

194. Allies Help Those Who Help Themselves: How Estonia and Japan Approach Deterrence

195. Europe’s Broken Order and the Prospect of a New Cold War

196. New Frontiers: Estonia’s Foreign Policy in Africa

197. War and Energy Security: Lessons for The Future

198. The Future of Arms Control: Ready to (Dis)Agree?

199. NATO’s new Defence Plans

200. Prospects for Ukraine’s NATO Membership