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3101. A Key Update: Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition: Sharply Contradictory Data on Levels of Violence

3102. Federated Defense in Asia

3103. Escaping a security dilemma: Anarchy, certainty and embedded norms

3104. The Future of Multilateral Security Dialogue in the Mediterranean: Lessons Learnt, Opportunities and Choices

3105. The Case for a New Federalism in Libya

3106. An Economic Strategy to Save Ukraine

3107. Visions of Gulf Security

3108. The Changing Face of Technology Use in Pacified Communities

3109. What the Women Say: Reclaiming the Progressive Past: Pakistani women’s struggle against violence & extremism

3110. Extremism as Mainstream: Implications for Women, Development & Security in the MENA/Asia Region

3111. Accountability or not? Managing of public funds in Kosovo Security Sector

3112. Inclusion or Exclusion - Minorities in the Security Sector in Post-Independent Kosovo

3113. Kosovo’s Membership and Representation in Regional Security Initiatives

3114. Kosovo Security Barometer - Fourth Edition

3115. 2014 Global Peace Index

3116. Vers un « multiculturalisme policier » ? La lutte contre la radicalisation en France, aux Pays-Bas et au Royaume-Uni (Towards “Policed Multiculturalism”? Counter-radicalization in France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom)

3117. Iranian Aid to Fighters in the Gulf Peninsula

3118. U.S. Strategic Dialogues with Morocco and Algeria: Take Two

3119. Morocco's Approach to Countering Violent Extremism

3120. Solving the Syrian Knot: Dynamics within the UN Security Council and Challenges to its Effectiveness