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1. The Red-Hot Blue Line

2. A battle against time – and against Putin’s Russia

3. A Strategy for Countering the Houthi Threat at Sea

4. China’s Role in the Middle East

5. What’s next for Pakistan after election shock?

6. How Safe is Eastern Mediterranean Gas?

7. Ties Between Hostile Actors in the Red Sea

8. Escalation on the Israel-Lebanon Front

9. Houthi Shipping Attacks in the Red Sea

10. Understanding EU-NATO Cooperation: How Member States Matter

11. Vernacular Border Security: Citizens’ Narratives of Europe’s ‘Migration Crisis’

12. What is Serbia’s “Project 5000” and why Should we be concerned?

13. The Defence of Europe by Europeans: a myth, a necessity, an ambition, a hope?

14. Unity Versus Division in South East Europe on Global Conflict Issues

15. Japan’s Supply Chain Policy and its Implications for South Korea

16. Arming Allies and Partners: How Foreign Military Sales Can Change the China Problem

17. War with China: A View from Early 2024

18. Decisive Decade: PRC Global Strategy and the PLA as a Pacing Challenge – 2023 PLA Conference

19. Origins and Outcomes of U S Defense Policy Toward Israel with Josh Paul

20. Foreign Interference Online: Where Disinformation Infringes on Freedom of Thought

21. Protecting Freedom of Thought: Mitigating Technological Enablers of Disinformation

22. Beyond the Quasi-Alliance? An Analysis of the Japan-Australia Special Strategic Partnership

23. NATO PA's Role in Consolidating Article 2 of the Atlantic Alliance Treaty

24. Pakistan’s Evolving Militant Landscape: State Responses and Policy options

25. Afghan Peace and Reconciliation: Pakistan's Interests and Policy Options 11

26. German Ports and China: How to Reconcile Openness, Resilience and Security?

27. Understanding the Role of Women in Nigeria’s Non-State Armed Groups and Security Architecture

28. South Korea’s Emergence as a Defense Industrial Powerhouse

29. Charting the Radical Right’s Influence on EU Foreign Policy

30. How Sweden Can Use its EU Presidency to Build the Civilian Security Dimension of the Eastern Partnership

31. The Putin Doctrine: What is it? The Russian Strategic Issue and the Enlarged National Security

32. The East Mediterranean Gas Forum: Convergence of Regional and Energy Security Concerns

33. United States Foreign Policy Towards Jordan From the Political and Security Dimensions from 1990 to 2017

34. The Foreign Policy of Post-Revolutionary Iran: Expediency at the Crossroad of Suprra-Nationalism and Soverignty

35. EU-South Korea Extend Cooperation Beyond the Economy

36. Examining Changes in Regional Cooperation in Central Europe from a Polish Perspective

37. China Becoming Globally More Active in the Security Sphere

38. Implications of the Incursions into U.S. and Canadian Airspace

39. Evolution, not Revolution: Japan Revises Security Policy

40. Security at Sea: A Turning Point in Maritime

41. Is the Pursuit of Nukes Driven by Leaders or Systems?

42. Forced Marriage by Non-state Armed Groups: Frequency, Forms, and Impact

43. Multipolarity After Ukraine: Old Wine in New Bottles?

44. The EU Indo-Pacific Bid: Sailing Through Economic and Security Competition

45. Section 232 reloaded: the false promise of the transatlantic ‘climate club’ for steel and aluminium

46. Preparing for the next winter: Europe’s gas outlook for 2023

47. Mateship Amongst Competition: Recommendations for the U.S.-Australia Alliance

48. Chips, subsidies, security, and great power competition

49. Follow the money: connecting anti-money laundering systems to disrupt environmental crime in the Amazon

50. Assessing Community Sensitivity to Cross-Border Security in Ghana