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17. Modelling Nuclear W Modelling Nuclear Weapon E eapon Effects in W ects in Wargaming Using Monte gaming Using Monte Carlo Simulations

18. La invasión rusa de Ucrania bajo el prisma de las teorías de control reflexivo

19. India-China Border Tensions and U.S. Strategy in the Indo-Pacific

20. Buying Time: Logistics for a New American Way of War

21. The Russian Bloodletting Strategy in the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War: From Success to Hubris

22. “Trying Not to Lose It” The Allied Disaster in France and the Low Countries, 1940

23. Assessing Israel's military strategy in Gaza

24. Regional security and alliances in the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific: implications for European security

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29. Taliban Victory Serves as a Model for Palestinian Terror Groups

30. The EU is Reluctantly Getting Tougher with Putin

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43. The Tenth NPT Review Conference: In the Shadow of Russian Aggression in Ukraine

44. Stateliness, IDF style

45. Tehran Heightens the Pressure as it Strives to Thwart a Regional Air Defense System

46. Resolving the Gas Dispute with Lebanon: First Exhaust Diplomatic Efforts

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50. The Unavoidable Campaign to Destroy the Jenin Terrorist Hub