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1. Foresight and its application in ministries of foreign affairs

2. Competition between Democracy and Autocracy: The Defining Challenge of the 21st Century

3. Dialogue with Russia: Russia Needs to Reset Relations with the West

4. A New World Order, According to Beijing

5. So Far, Yet So Close: Japanese and Estonian Cybersecurity Policy Perspectives and Cooperation

6. #NATO2030: Credible Deterrence in the Baltic Region

7. AI and International Stability: Risks and Confidence-Building Measures

8. Fall 2021 edition of Contemporary Eurasia

9. An Overlooked Source of Chinese Influence in Latin America

10. Greece, Cyprus, and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

11. A Roundtable on Lauren Turek, To Bring the Good News to All Nations: Evangelical Influence on Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Relations

12. Supporting a Public Purpose in Research & Development: The Role of Tax Credits

13. A Soviet Diplomat’s Memories of Beijing 1973-1975

14. Initiating Tibet and English East India Company’s Ties in the 18th Century: The Warren Hastings Years

15. The Modern Interfaces of Intermarium and the Fight against Destiny

16. Toynbee Coronavirus Series: Dominic Sachsenmaier on China, geopolitics, and global history post-COVID-19


18. Waiting for blowback: The Kurdish question and Turkey’s new regional militarism

19. OK, Boomer: Youth Hesitant to Use Force, Shun US Exceptionalism in Foreign Policy

20. Aligning Venus and Mars: Striking the Appropriate Balance Between Diplomacy and Defense in International Affairs

21. Dealing with China: Lessons Learned from Three Case Studies

22. 2019: A Changing International Order? Implications for the Security Environment

23. Turkish Foreign Policy in a Changing World Order

24. Central Bank Digital Currencies: Tools for an Inclusive Future?

25. The impact of COVID-19 on the performance of peace operations

26. Intergovernmental checkmate on cyber? Processes on cyberspace in the United Nations

27. Battleground Southeast Asia: China's Rise and America's Options

28. Israel-Africa Relations: What Can We Learn from the Netanyahu Decade?

29. Guiding Principles for Israel’s Foreign Policy toward the EU

30. Public Opinion Findings on Israel’s Foreign Policy towards the Elections

31. The Quality of Israel’s Peace with Jordan is Dependent on the Israeli-Palestinian Issue

32. Parameters VOL. 48 NO. 3 Autumn 2018

33. Late to the Party: Russia’s Return to Africa

34. The Phenomenon of “Global Russia”

35. International Coordination of Economic Policies in the Global Financial Crisis: Successes, Failures, and Consequences

36. Does Australia have an “Indo Pacific strategy”?

37. The Role for Middle Powers in the Free and Open Indo-Pacific: Looking at Opportunities for Canada and Australia

38. The Self-government Constitutes an Essential Element of the Civil Security in Polish Political Thought after 1989

39. Subverting the Idea(l) of Equal Opportunity in Global Trade:

40. Hybrid Warfare and Deniability as Understood by the Military

41. Hidden Memory and Memorials The Monument in Memory of the Korean Victims of the Atomic Bomb and the Remembrance of Korean Victims

42. A New Method to Calculate Power of International Actors

43. A New Method to Calculate Power of International Actors

44. Behavioral Insights as a New Generation of Public Service Delivery

45. Alternative diplomacy and the political role of clerical elites: The Roman Catholic Church as an ideological counterforce in interwar Banat

46. Activities of the Catholic Church in Poland Against Pedophilia in 2018

47. A New Method to Calculate Power of International Actors

48. Is the Modernization Process Becoming a Challenge or a Threat to the Security Policy and the Armed Forces?

49. About Women in Conflicts and Wars: Theories of Violence and Collective Memory

50. The Issue of Securitization of the Refugee Problem in the Polish Political Debate

51. American Grand Strategy and the Rise of Offensive Realism

52. The Government‐Citizen Disconnect. Review

53. Southern Nation: Congress and White Supremacy after Reconstruction. Book Review

54. Welcoming New Americans? Local Governments and Immigrant Incorporation. Book Review

55. Migrants and Political Change in Latin America. Book Review

56. Campaign Finance Complexity: Before Campaigning Retain an Attorney

57. Standoff: How America Became Ungovernable. Book Review

58. Forecasting Models and the Presidential Vote

59. Unequal and Unrepresented: Political Inequality and the People’s Voice in the New Gilded Age

60. Cultural Evolution: People’s Motivations are Changing, and Reshaping the World

61. Why Terrorist Groups Form International Alliances. Book Review

62. Are Politics Local? The Two Dimensions of Party Nationalization around the World

63. Gendered Vulnerability: How Women Work Harder to Stay in Office

64. Unstable Majorities: Polarization, Party Sorting, and Political Stalemate

65. Fentanyl as a Chemical Weapon

66. Baltics Left of Bang: The Role of NATO with Partners in Denial-Based Deterrence

67. The Enduring Relevance of the U.S.-Japan Alliance

68. Annual Report 2018-19 (SHORT)

69. BASC News

70. From Third World Theory to Belt and Road Initiative: International Aid as a Chinese Foreign Policy Tool

71. Problematising the Ultimate Other of Modernity: the Crystallisation of Coloniality in International Politics

72. Lessons From A Life In Rwandan Politics

73. Human Rights from the International Relations

74. Drug Trafficking between Latin America and Africa: A contemporary Case between Security and Global Governance / Narcotráfico entre América Latina y África: un caso contemporáneo entre seguridad y gobernanza global

75. Reclamation: A Cultural Policy for Arab-Israeli Partnership

76. Pushing Back on Iran in Syria (Part 1): Beyond the ‘Boots’

77. Netanyahu’s Political and Legal Challenges in the Next Elections

78. How the United States Can Still Keep Faith With Its Best Allies in Syria

79. Trump Departs Syria: An Israeli Perspective

80. Western Balkans in the loop: Reshaping regional cooperation in times of uncertainty

81. Visegrad in the Western Balkans: Losing ground?

82. Majority of Americans Oppose Expanding US-Mexico Wall

83. South Koreans see Improved Security, Confident in US Security Guarantee

84. Are Regional Leaders in Sync with Public Opinion? The Israeli-Palestinian Case

85. Sudan demonstrations between ad-hoc economic measures and far-reaching political changes

86. The US withdrawal from Syria: Causes, Contexts and Consequences

87. Energy Geopolitics in 2019

88. Social Capital between State and Society in Morocco: An Outside-in Reflection

89. Global Compact for Migration: Security Constraints versus Humanitarian Morality in the Case of Morocco

90. Do Trump’s Sanctions on Iran Fulfill Their Objectives?

91. The Silk Road and the Gulf: A New Frontier for the RMB

92. In the Gulf, China Plays to Win but US has Upper Hand

93. Envisioning a New Economic Middle East: Reshaping the Gulf with Israel

94. Kazakhs Wary of Chinese Embrace as BRI Gathers Steam

95. The Islamic Revolution at 40

96. 3 Reasons Why the Fed Wants to Keep Raising Interest Rates

97. An Implementation Guide for National Human Rights Institutions

98. A Guide to Election Observer Policies in the United States

99. Political Entrepreneurship in International Peace Mediation

100. UN Reforms—A Major Step Forward January 1, but Some Challenges Still to Overcome