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1. Financial Autonomy of Decentralized Local Authorities and Local Development

2. The Regional Administrative Structure in Cameroon

3. The Seventh Dalai Lama's Residence in Kham with Yudru Tsomu

4. Ecuador Headed for Early Elections After President Dissolves Legislature

5. Anti-Government Demonstrations in Iran: A Long-Term Challenge for the Islamic Republic

6. Harnessing Public Employment Programmes' Potential: An Intervention Brief Focusing on Youth Inclusion in South Africa's Community Work Programme

7. The Effects of Differential Exposure to COVID-19 on Educational Outcomes in Guatemala

8. Proposals for Reducing the Size and Cost of Running Government

9. Institutionalizing Downward Accountability: The Bangladesh Experience

10. Why the Opposition Win in Barinas, Venezuela Matters

11. Political Prisoners to Ortega’s Narrative

12. Peru: The Broken Dream of Transformative Government?

13. Mexico’s Military Knew Ayotzinapa 43 Were Kidnapped, Then Covered It Up

14. La Encrucijada’s Dilemma: Greenwashing Oil Palm in Chiapas

15. Will Popular Power Survive?

16. Who Leads China's 5G Technology Ecosystem? A Network Analysis of China's Cooperation on Association Standards


18. Localising the SDGs in India: The Role of Government and Private Training Institutes

19. Chinese Trust in Government: A Response Pattern Approach

20. Government Internet Shutdowns Are Changing. How Should Citizens and Democracies Respond?

21. This is How to Think About and Achieve Public Policy Success

22. Getting Real about Unknowns in Complex Policy Work

23. The Israeli Government Falls: New Election and Implications for U.S.-Israel Relations

24. Scoring Iraq’s New Government: Metrics for Preserving U.S. Interests

25. Meloni at the Helm: What Does Italy’s New Government Mean for Sino-Italian Relations?

26. Why Elections Won’t Happen in Libya

27. Tunisia's Economy

28. Iraq's Deepening Political Crisis

29. Biden's First Year

30. Israel & Palestine: Hot topics in Congress

31. A Conversation with Dr. Haider al-Abadi

32. The National Flood Insurance Program: Solving Congress’s Samaritan’s Dilemma

33. When Is Tinkering with Safety Net Programs Harmful to Beneficiaries?

34. Slippery Fish: Enforcing Regulation under Subversive Adaptation

35. Big data and national security: A guide for Australian policymakers

36. Markets, Governments, and Crises in the Past and Future of the EU

37. Governments as Regulators and Consumers of Ethical AI

38. Social Determinants and how they Influence Councillor Performance in District Local Government Councils in Uganda

39. Foresight and its application in ministries of foreign affairs

40. Local Self-0Government in a Crisis Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of Serbia

41. The Emirati Lobby in America

42. Does an effective government lower COVID19’s health impact? Evidence from Viet Nam

43. Does the adoption of peer-to-government mobile payments improve tax revenue mobilization in developing countries?

44. Afghanistan: Where US-Iranian interests may yet intersect

45. Austrian Migration Policy and the Events in Afghanistan and Belarus

46. Germany in the Shadow of War and Inflation: Six Months of the Scholz Government

47. The effect of COVID certificates on vaccine uptake, public health, and the economy

48. Laying Foundations for Civic Engagement and Government Accountability in Guinea (2011-2020)

49. The Indonesian Government´S Intervention in the Management Of Indonesian Migrant Workers´ Remittances: Natural, Technical and Ultimate Restrictions

50. Public policy actors view success differently, and it matters

51. Galvanising the Ship of the Indian State: An Agenda for Research and Dialogue

52. Halting the Kleptocratic Capture of Local Government in Nigeria

53. Engaging China on Strategic Stability and Mutual Vulnerability

54. How to Destroy an Investigation from the Inside: Ayotzinapa and the Legacies of Impunity

55. Trust as state capacity: The political economy of compliance

56. Jawboning against Speech: How Government Bullying Shapes the Rules of Social Media

57. Persistent Obstacles: Iraqi state’s prospects for forming a new government

58. Russian Government Moves to Assert Increasing Control Over Internet

59. The 2021 Iranian Presidential Election A Preliminary Assessment

60. Protecting checks and balances to save the Rule of Law

61. Veteran Disability Compensation and the Army Profession: Good Intentions Gone Awry

62. Egypt, The US, And An Evolving Regional Landscape

63. State of the Nation Address by President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev (September 1, 2021)

64. Speech of H.E. Mr. Nguyen Hung, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Republic of Poland on the occasion of 76th anniversary of the National Independence Day

65. “To Make Us Slowly Disappear”: The Chinese Government’s Assault on the Uyghurs

66. Fake Civil Society: The Rise of Pro-Government NGOs in Nigeria

67. Chinese Mining and Indigenous Resistance in Ecuador

68. Building a Strong and Independent Iraq: Policy Guidance for the Biden Administration

69. Germany’s New Government Coalition: A Red, Yellow or Green Light for German-Turkish Relations?

70. Making Sense of Cents: Parsing the U.S. Department of Defense’s FY 2022 Budget Request

71. Building And Strengthening Public Trust In Government Policy Decisions And Institutions To Effectively Tackle Covid-19 In Cameroon

72. Saudi Arabia: A Colossus with Clay Feets/Arabia Saudí: Un coloso con los pies de barro

73. Successful Failure in Public Policy Work

74. Milestones in Canadian Gender and Trade Policy

75. The Financial Decentralization Of Local Governments Tested By The Principle Of Cash Flow In Cameroon

76. The Potential for Constitutional Devolution in South Africa

77. A Brief History of U.S. Immigration Policy from the Colonial Period to the Present Day

78. Industrial Policy Implementation: Empirical Evidence from China’s Shipbuilding Industry

79. The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Disposable Bag Regulation

80. Access and Use of ICT in Budget Transparency and Accountability in Local Governments

81. Enhancing the credibility of the public office holders asset declaration regime

82. Constituting Committees in the Eighth Parliament: Harnessing the Opportunities Inherent in a Hung Parliament

83. Nepal’s Supreme Court Overturned PM K.P. Oli’s Decision to Dissolve Parliament

84. Populism and the Pandemic in Southeast Asia

85. The curbing of the collective voices of workers in Ethiopia’s state-led industrialisation: The case of the garment sector

86. The Tigray Crisis: The Ethiopian government’s incessant attempts to resolve the internal conflict militarily

87. Multiple gains: Saied’s Call for Changing the Tunisian Political System

88. Rebuffing Accusations: Implications of Esmail Qaani to Iraq Following Attempted Assassination of al-Kadhimi

89. Successive Setbacks: Can the United Front seize control of Addis Ababa?

90. A New Settlement: Place and Wellbeing in Local Government

91. Turks and Caicos Islands House of Assembly Elections: Technical Observation and Assessment Report

92. A Government Devoid of Strong Leadership: A Neoclassical Realist Explanation of Turkey’s Iraq War Decision in 2003

93. Open Government in Education: Learning from Social Audits in India

94. Child Protection Services (CPS) Scheme

95. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

96. Jal Jeevan Mission

97. Not for patching? Public opinion and the commitment to ‘build back better’

98. Bottom-up Accountability in Uganda: Learning from People-centered, Multi-level Health Advocacy Campaigns

99. Concrete Steps Toward a Feminist Foreign Policy

100. Rebuilding Constitutionalism and Rule of Law in Zimbabwe