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1. Climate change actions in conflict affected contexts

2. The crisis of representation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

3. Autocratization vs. democratization: The new framework for understanding political competition in Turkey in view of the elections and beyond

4. Leaving Dayton for Brussels: Reviving Bosnia’s constitutional reform

5. Bölünmüş Toplumlarda Anayasa Yapımı: Güney Afrika Deneyimi (Constitution-Making Processes in Divided Societies: The South African Experience)

6. The West’s struggle in Sudan: Standing with the people while being stuck with the coup regime

7. ¿Puede la OSCE (todavía) contribuir a la seguridad europea?

8. What makes democracy possible? Transitions in Egypt and Tunisia after the Arab Uprisings

9. Nation-Building Process of Pakistan: Traditional and Non-Traditional Challenges

10. Role of Biraderism in Democratization in Punjab, Pakistan; a Conceptual Framework

11. Paradoxes of Judicial Independence: Issues and Challenges of Constitutionalism in Pakistan

12. A New Middle East

13. International Democracy Promotion in Times of Autocratization: From Supporting to Protecting Democracy

14. The defeat of Russia in Ukraine will herald the defeat of the Lukashenko regime.

15. Democracy in the Middle East & North Africa


17. Status and Role of the Young Generation in the Social and Political Space of Georgia

18. Women's Rights and Democratic Transitions: A Comparative Study of Pakistan, Chile, and South Africa

19. The Role of CSOs in Political Participation and Democratization in Jordan

20. Evolutionary Possibilities of Democratization and Atavistic Nationalism: A Comparative Study of Unrecognized States

21. Africa Megatrends: Looking over the Horizon into the Future

22. Financial Assistance from GCC Countries and the Democratization of Arab States

23. Providing security in Iraq - what do Iraqis think?

24. Making women count, not just counting women: Creating a more effective security sector in Iraq requires increased inclusiveness

25. Risks of technology use in humanitarian settings: Avoiding harm, delivering impact

26. When jihadists broker peace: Natural resource conflicts as weapons of war in Mali’s protracted crisis

27. Opportunities for Danish stabilisation policy to engage with climate- and livelihood-related conflict: New approaches to fragility in the Horn of Africa and Sahel

28. "The Great Wall of the Caspian Sea": The Geographic Nature of Russia's Attitudes Towards the Post-Soviet States

29. The Eastern Partnership: Three dilemmas in a time of troubles

30. Political Dynamics of Biraderi Politics An Empirical Analysis of District Toba Tek Singh

31. The Implications of Korea’s Experience Supporting Democracy as a Global Narrative

32. State Capture and Inequality

33. Is Somaliland the Symbol of Democracy in the Horn of Africa?

34. Gadaa as an Alternative Understanding of Democracy in Africa

35. Chile's Struggle to Democratize the State

36. How Sudan Transitions

37. EU membership of the Western Balkan states in times of crisis: From a strategic choice to protracted inertia

38. Federal Iraq and Unitary Afghanistan: A comparative analysis of plural societies

39. Diasporas: A Global and Vibrant Force for Arab Democratization

40. Values at Stake: Southeast Europe: A Normative Marktplace?

41. Protection of Civilians from the Perspective of the Soldiers who Protect: Ghana and India in United Nations peacekeeping

42. A Moving Frontline in Africa

43. The New Arab Uprisings: How the 2019 trajectory differs from the 2011 legacy? (Part 2)

44. Social Protection under Authoritarianism: Health Politics and Policy in China

45. Regards sur l’Eurasie - L'année politique 2018

46. Amérique latine - L’année politique 2018

47. Influence of English Language in Political Awareness of South Asian Societies: A Comparative Study of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

48. What Drives Religious Politicking?

49. Dictators and Leadership: Lessons from Stalin and Mao

50. 1989 with Chinese Characteristics