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1. From Paper to Practice: Enhancing Integrated Development Plans to Improve Governance

2. Reversing the resource curse: Advancing good natural resource governance for inclusive growth and sustainable development in Southern Africa

3. Transnational Cooperation -- An Explorative Collection

4. The Role of the Consumer and Systemic Policy Mixes for Circular Business Models in the EU

5. Information Integrity and Information Pollution: Vulnerabilities and Impact on Social Cohesion and Democracy in Mexico

6. Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) and the “Greening” of High-Emitting Industry Sectors in Brazil: Mapping the Sustainability Efforts of the Private Sector

7. Greening Economies in Partner Countries: Priorities for International Cooperation

8. Social Contract and Social Cohesion: Synergies and Tensions between Two Related Concepts

9. Tomorrow’s Global Development Landscape: Mapping Trends and Reform Dynamics

10. Constellations of State Fragility: Improving International Cooperation through Analytical Differentiation

11. Current Developments in West Africa’s Regional Integration – Challenges for the Future Design of Foreign and Development Policy

12. State Fragility and Development Cooperation: Putting the Empirics to Use in Policy and Planning

13. Getting Special Drawing Rights Right: Opportunities for Re-channelling SDRs to Vulnerable Countries

14. The BRICS, a geopolitical challenge overlooked by the European Union

15. Multidimensional Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Implications on Inclusive Recovery

16. Leaving No One Behind: Inclusive Fintech for Remittances

17. Statesmanship in the Silk Road Region: Reflections on Heydar Aliyev’s Achievement

18. Digital Governance: Technology Tensions with China and Implications

19. Enhancing the Benefits of Human Mobility through Development Interventions

20. Crossing the Divide: Rural to Urban Migration in Developing Countries

21. Potential and Pitfalls for African Industrialization in Chinese-built Standard Gauge Railways

22. Electric Vehicles and the Changing Automotive GVC: A Window of Opportunity for African Countries?

23. Current Capabilities and Future Potential of African Textile and Apparel Industries

24. Climate Change Mitigation for Late Industrialisers: The Role of Technology Intensity in Manufacturing

25. EU Development Cooperation Policy Shifts from Charity to Self-interest

26. Financing Loss and Damage at Scale: Toward a Mosaic Approach

27. Global Inequality in Well‐​Being Has Decreased across Many Dimensions: Introducing the Inequality of Human Progress Index

28. Southeast Asia Aid Map - Key Findings Report

29. Assessing Community Sensitivity to Cross-Border Security in Ghana

30. Institutionalizing Downward Accountability: The Bangladesh Experience

31. One Thing It Lacks: South Korea’s North Korea Policy in 2023 National Security Strategy

32. North Korea’s Space Development: The Gap Between Ideal and Reality

33. The Impact of the Ukrainian-Russian War on Rwanda

34. China, climate change and the energy transition

35. The political economy of energy production in post-independence Tanzania: A review

36. Climate change adaptation relevance of Tanzania’s national budget

37. Inclusion and exclusion in Somali drought emergency assistance

38. Security professionals are changing how humanitarian organisations operate

39. Climate change, mobility and human trafficking in Ethiopia

40. Existing Dispute: Does the new budget set the stage for a fresh phase of conflict in Iraq?

41. Evolution of Multidimensional Energy Poverty Risk in Bolivia from 2005 to 2019

42. The crisis of representation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

43. Power and potential: The economics of Egyptian construction and ICT

44. Getting global development back on track: Focus and start at home

45. Trading short-term gains for long-term costs: the Egyptian political economy under al-Sisi

46. Migration in the Context of Climate Foreign Policy

47. Who Learns More from Afar? Spatial Empirical Evidence on Manufacturing and Services

48. Iraq’s Quest for a Social Contract: An Approach to Promoting Social Cohesion and State Resilience

49. The Future of EU Blended Finance and Guarantees: An Assessment of Cooperation Strategies with Least Developed Countries in Africa

50. The Politics of “What Works”: Evidence Incentives and Entrepreneurship in Development Organisations