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201. Sick Development: How rich-country government and World Bank funding to for-profit private hospitals causes harm and should be stopped

202. Good Practices in the Provision of Global Public Goods: How multilateral development banks build on global public goods in their operations

203. A Conceptual Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning and Adaptation (MELA) in NGOs

204. The Comeback of Industrial Policy. The Next Geopolitical Great Game

205. The Last Hurdle? Unyielding Motherhood Effects in the Context of Declining Gender Inequality in Latin America

206. The Anti-Circumvention Instrument: Another Roadblock on the Investment Development Path?

207. Foreign Linkages, Innovation & Productivity: Evidence from Enterprise Surveys

208. The Development Response to Kleptocracy and Strategic Corruption

209. A 'Bright Path' Forward or a Grim Dead End? The Political Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative in Kazakhstan

210. Control, Development, Legitimacy, and the 2024 Problem: Russia Two Years Before the End of Putin's 4th Term

211. The Rise of Sino-Russian Biotech Cooperation

212. China’s Evolving Approach to Foreign Aid

213. Chronic Crisis Financing? Fifty Years of Humanitarian Aid and Future Prospects

214. Climate Change and Violent Conflict in West Africa: Assessing the Evidence

215. China’s Development Path: Government, Business, and Globalization in an Innovating Economy

216. Schumpeter’s Creative Destruction as a Radical Departure: New Paradigm for Analyzing Capitalism

217. Brazilian Perspectives for BRICS

218. Cooperation against the odds: Getting small firms to work together in unfavourable circumstances

219. The Second Phase of the EU Southern Gas Corridor: Which role for Azerbaijan?

220. EU-Africa relations ahead of the EU-AU Summit: Taking stock, looking forward

221. Estados Unidos y África. Historia de una no-política

222. China en África: Objetivos, instrumentos e implicaciones estratégicas

223. The Indo-Pacific Partnership and Digital Trade Rule Setting: Policy Proposals

224. Japan and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

225. Projecting Infrastructure Needs and the Financing Mechanism: A Review of Estimations by ADB, McKinsey, and the OECD

226. Implicit Subsidies for Infrastructure and Their Implications for Contingent Liabilities in Selected East Asian Countries

227. A Global Development Paradigm for a World in Crisis

228. Building a Portfolio of Pull Financing Mechanisms for Climate and Development

229. The ABCs of Sovereign Debt Relief

230. The Next Game Changers: A Priority Innovation Agenda for Global Health

231. Is There a Better Way to Use Global Reserves?

232. What’s the Best Way to Bolster the IMF’s Capacity to Lend to Low-Income Countries?

233. Why and How Development Agencies Facilitate Labor Migration

234. Healthier Firms for a Stronger Recovery: Policies to Support Business and Jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean

235. ABCs of the IFIs: The African Development Fund’s 16th Replenishment

236. Breakthrough to Policy Use: Reinvigorating Impact Evaluation for Global Development

237. Mainstreaming Evidence Use through Locally Led Development: Recommendations for USAID

238. Breakthrough to Policy Use Reinvigorating Impact Evaluation for Global Development

239. Assessment of Expenditure Choices by Low- and Low- Middle-Income Countries During the Pandemic and Their Impact on SDGs

240. ABCs of the IFIs: Understanding IDA20

241. Understanding the Cost-Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccination in Nigeria

242. Schooling for All: Feasible Strategies to Achieve Universal Education

243. Recommendations for US-Africa Space Cooperation and Development

244. Development Effectiveness in the “New Normal”: What Do the Changing Roles and Purposes of ODA Mean for the Effectiveness Agenda?

245. East Asian Cities: Past Development and Onrushing Challenges

246. Greening the US Sovereign Bond Guarantee Program: A Proposal to Boost Climate-Directed Sovereign Finance in Developing Countries

247. Türkiye’de Bölgelerarası Sosyo-Ekonomik Gelişmişlik Farklarının Azaltılmasına Yönelik Politikalar: Güneydoğu Anadolu Projesinin (GAP) İncelenmesi (Policies for Reducing Inter-Regional Disparities of Socio-Economic Development in Turkey: An Investigation of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP))

248. Germany and the UK: Perspectives for Deepening the Bilateral Dialogue on Development Policy

249. Is Foreign Direct Investment Losing Clout in Development?

250. Europe’s Global Gateway: A New Geostrategic Framework for Development Policy?