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102. Export impact on dividend policy for big Colombian exporting firms, 2006–2014

103. How Russia Went to War: The Kremlin’s Preparations for Its Aggression Against Ukraine

104. Devastating Earthquakes in Turkey Could Fundamentally Alter the Political Landscape

105. Mapping Pathways for Peace through the Composition of Official Development Assistance

106. Petroleum and Progress in Iran: An Interview with Gregory Brew

107. The Soviet Union as a Development Actor in West Africa: An Interview with Alessandro Iandolo on Arrested Development

108. Towards an Intersectional Feminist Development Policy for Germany

109. Governance Practices in Turkey: A Comparative Perspective

110. Hydrodiplomacy and the Food, Water and Energy Nexus: A holistic approach for transboundary cooperation and peace

111. Productivity Effects of Viet Nam’s Rice Land Restrictions

112. Technological Innovation and the Development of the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Industry Based on Patent Value Analysis

113. Industry Agglomeration, Urban Amenities, and Regional Development in India

114. How Pratham Learns While Scaling: A Case Study of Adaptive Design and Evaluation

115. Housing in Wyoming: Constraints and Solutions

116. Process and Implementation Evaluations: A Primer

117. Facilitating learning and discovery oriented industrial policy in Albania

118. Mission Strategic Plans: A Neglected Developmental Tool

119. Outer Space, Information Warfare, and the Truth

120. Iraqi Officials Eye a Path for Chinese-Iraqi Development

121. Developmental States in Africa: The Mauritian Miracle

122. Contradictions Within The PRC’s Climate Strategy

123. The Chinese Debate on Economic Reform

124. China’s Role in the Modernization of Malawi’s Agriculture Sector

125. Can the Belt and Road Initiative Succeed in Afghanistan?

126. Ten Years On, How is the Belt and Road Initiative Faring in Indonesia?

127. Exxonmobil and Community Development: an Evaluation of its Corporate Social Responsibilities to Host Communities in Akwa Ibom State

128. Social and Historical Investigation of China’s Ethnic Minorities: Based on Political Stability and National Unity

129. Paradigm Shifts in Macrosociology

130. Towards a Global Framework for a Public Good to Reduce Information and Labour Market Gaps

131. Evaluating The Social and Economic Consequences of Global Warming On African Women

132. Giorgia Meloni’s Foreign Policy and the Mattei Plan for Africa: Balancing Development and Migration Concerns

133. Reinventing Soft Power: The Strong Impact of China’s Soft Power “Shortcomings” on the Global South

134. China and the Global South: Many Initiatives, One Narrative

135. Present and Future of Italy’s Development Cooperation

136. Strategies to future-proof Zambia: Debt relief and beyond

137. The state of the renewable energy independent power producer procurement programme: Where to from here?

138. Building Worker Power in Global Supply Chains: Lessons from Apparel, Cocoa, and Seafood

139. Gold in Ghana: A Story of Unbalanced Exchange

140. Capital Flight from Natural Resource-Dependent African Countries: Updated Estimates and Analysis for the Cases of Cameroon, Ghana, and Zambia, 1970-2021

141. The Implementation of Sustainability Taxonomies: The Case of South Africa

142. Learning from KfW’s Ex-Post Evaluations? How Conflicting Objectives Can Limit their Usefulness

143. What Role for Aid for Trade in (Deep) PTA Relations? Empirical Evidence from Gravity Model Estimations

144. Political Participation Patterns of the Emerging Middle Classes in Peru and the Philippines

145. The Role of Social Protection in Environmental Fiscal Reforms

146. Green Hydrogen: Implications for International Cooperation With Special Reference to South Africa

147. Urbanisation and Social Cohesion: Theory and Empirical Evidence from Africa

148. Are Global Value Chains for Sale? On Business-State Relations in the MENA Region

149. Chinese Firms and Adherence to Global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Standards in Developing Countries: Is there Potential to Create Common Ground?

150. Contextualising Social Cohesion I: An Overview of Concepts in Africa