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1001. Innovation in Eswatini: past, present, and future prospects

1002. Mexico’s Financial Risks: Solving Pemex for a Solvent Mexico

1003. Unequal Ventures: Results from an Endline Study of Gender and Entrepreneurship in East Java, Indonesia

1004. Trends in Private Capital Flows to Low-Income Countries: Good and Not-So-Good News

1005. Chinese Leadership and the Future of BRI: What Key Decisions Lie Ahead?

1006. “Contractors or Collectives?” Earmarked Funding of Multilaterals, Donor Needs and Institutional Integrity: The World Bank as a Case Study

1007. Five Takeaways on the Future of Humanitarian Reform

1008. Promoting Investment in Research for Development Outcomes: A Research Ventures Fund at the World Bank

1009. Building an EU-Africa Partnership of Equals: A Roadmap for the New European Leadership

1010. Building on Digital ID for Inclusive Services: Lessons from India

1011. People-Driven Response: Power and Participation in Humanitarian Action

1012. Marginal, Not Transformational: Development Finance Institutions and the Sustainable Development Goals

1013. Teacher Professional Development around the World: The Gap between Evidence and Practice

1014. Moving Beyond the Emergency: A Whole of Society Approach to the Refugee Response in Bangladesh

1015. Multilingual Assessment of Early Child Development: Analyses from Repeated Observations of Children in Kenya

1016. When Does “What Works” Work? And What Does that Mean for UK Aid R&D Spend?

1017. Five Principles for Use of Aid in Subsidies to the Private Sector

1018. What Is “Country Ownership”? A Formal Exploration of the Aid Relationship

1019. ABCs of the IFIs: The African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development

1020. Reforming EU Trade Policy to Accelerate Economic Transformation in Africa

1021. Automation and AI: Implications for African Development Prospects?

1022. Can the US Development Finance Corporation Compete?

1023. A Smoother Trade Transition for Graduating LDCs

1024. Taxing “Bads”: An Overview of Research Initiatives

1025. Lending Terms for IFAD Projects

1026. Subverting the Idea(l) of Equal Opportunity in Global Trade: The Paradoxes of Differentiation for Peripheral States

1027. Social Policy within the Framework of Public Self-Governance - Selected Topics

1028. China’s 2020 Economic Agenda: Maintaining Stability Amid Flux

1029. Global Development: Democracy, Market and Transparency 2012: Editor's note

1030. The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Capital Market Development in Botswana’s Economy

1031. Challenges of Project Implementation in Local Government: The Case of Francistown City Council and Kweneng District Council

1032. Decentralisation in Uganda: Trends, Achievements, Challenges and Proposals for Consolidation

1033. Supporting Business Opportunities for Rural Women in East and Southern Africa: A Case Study of Uganda

1034. Dying Light: War and Trade of the Separatist-Controlled Areas of Ukraine