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951. Achieving Sustainability through Quality Infrastructure

952. Energy as a Source of Economic Growth and Social Mobility

953. Sharpening Our Efforts: The Role of International Development in Countering Violent Extremism

954. The State of the Fighting in the Afghan War in Mid-2019

955. Engaging with India’s Electrification Agenda: Powering Assam

956. Strategic Directions for the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)

957. The Art of Summitry

958. Globalization and Its ‘Born Throwaways’: Exploring the Impact of Neo-Liberal Reforms on Irregular Migration in Africa

959. Hypersonic Weapons Series: What Are the Current Hypersonic Weapon Development Programs?

960. How Can We Minimize the Disruption of Political Transition in Developing Countries?

961. Is there a right way to accommodate rapid urban growth in developing countries?

962. The Aid Effectiveness Agenda: Past experiences and future prospects

963. From Bodies to Borders: Human trafficking, migration, and gender in the Danish media 2010-2019

964. UN Funding Cuts for Peacekeeping Have Consequences for Ghana: After sixty years of UN peacekeeping

965. Ghana's Peacekeeping Efforts Abroad Have an Impact at Home: The Many Implications of UN Peacekeeping

966. Gulf State Rivalries in the Horn of Africa: Time for a Red Sea Policy?

967. Disinformation Goes South: Political technologies threaten developing countries

968. Has the Paris Declaration Disappeared? Revisiting the Aid Effectiveness Agenda

969. EU Pressure on Niger to Stop Migrants is Reshaping Cross-Border Economies: From migrants to drugs, gold, and rare animals

970. The Oil Market Swings: Shale and Geo-politics

971. Middle East Demographics to 2030

972. The “G5 Sahel” Joint Force: A Marriage of Security and Development?

973. Civil Trends in Israel’s Arab Society in Light of the "Arab Spring"

974. Analysis of the Socio-Economic Situation of the Mountainous Region of the Guria and Khulo Municipalities

975. Insights into China’s Developing Country Status

976. Expo promotes high-quality development

977. Forty Years Development of China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Retrospect and the Challenges Ahead

978. Opinion: What Is China’s Core Economic Interest in Trade War?

979. The Warning Signs are Flashing Red: The interplay between climate change and violent extremism in the Western Sahel

980. The US–China trade–tech stand-off and the need for EU action on export control

981. Emerging Political Reforms and the Future of Ethiopian Federalism: Policy Options for Stability, Peace, and Development

982. Does Regional Development Matter in Minority Politics? Regional Development in the Recent Electoral Activity of Three national Minorities

983. National Minorities and Regional Development: A Comparative Overview of the Three Baltic States

984. Emerging Political Reforms and the Future of Ethiopian Federalism: Policy Options for Stability, Peace, and Development

985. Climate Change, Chemical Fertilisers and Sustainable Development – Panel Evidence from Tanzanian Maize Farmers

986. Determinants of Developing Countries' Export Upgrading: The Role of China and Productive Investment

987. Tourism as a Mechanism in Reducing Income Inequality in Developing Economies

988. Paraguay: La paradoja de un país que crece con hambre

989. Rent Seeking and Industrial Growth in Africa: The Case of Dangote’s Cement Industry

990. PNG Seeks to Re-Engage Southeast Asia: Role of Disaster Preparedness

991. Managing Disasters 4.0: Need For New Thinking

992. China's Global Power and Development: The Made in China 2025 Policy

993. Behind the Myth of the National Bourgeoisie: A Comparative Analysis of the Developmentalist State in Brazil and South Korea

994. Is global inequality rising or falling?

995. The politics of social protection in Eastern and Southern Africa: Actors, institutions and dynamics

996. Rory Stewart MP 'In Conversation'

997. Quantifying the Size and Development of the Shadow Economy in Swaziland

998. Capacity profiling and needs assessment of the public service of Swaziland

999. Swaziland Research and Development Statistics: Findings from the 2015/16 Swaziland National Research and Development Survey

1000. Harnessing the Demographic Dividend to Fast-Track Industrialisation: A Case in the ICT sector