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1. Navigating the Crises in European Energy

2. Separating electricity from gas prices through Green Power Pools: Design options and evolution

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11. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from State-Owned Enterprises: A Preliminary Inventory

12. Tallying Updated NDCs to Gauge Emissions Reductions in 2030 and Progress toward Net Zero

13. The portfolio of economic policies needed to fight climate change

14. A Euro-Mediterranean Green Deal? Towards A Green Economy In The Southern Mediterranean

15. The geopolitics of the energy transition: Global issues and European policies driving the development of renewable energy

16. The Climate Crisis Needs a Global Green New Deal

17. Ambitious Plans and Economic Pragmatism - China in the Face of Climate Change

18. Updating the European industrial strategy for the post-pandemic world

19. Recovery and reform in the EU’s most vulnerable regions

20. Sustainable Development of Chitral: A CPEC Perspective

21. China vs. US: The Green Energy Race

22. A transition for the citizens? Ensuring public participation in the European Green Deal

23. Will Only a Green Power Remain a Great Power?

24. UK Green Growth Index

25. Future of Construction

26. A Contextual Analysis of Green Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises/Local Green Enterprises in Uganda

27. Green gifts from abroad? FDI and firms' green management

28. Book Talk. Klimat: Russia in the Age of Climate Change by Thane Gustafson

29. To Bring Emissions-Slashing Technologies to Market, the United States Needs Targeted Demand-Pull Innovation Policies

30. How Green is China’s Belt and Road Initiative?

31. Climate-Migration: A Security Analysis within the Context of Green Theory

32. The Environmental Impact of Syria’s Conflict: A Preliminary Survey of Issues

33. Environmentalism After Decentralization: The Local Politics of Solid Waste Management in Tunisia

34. How can activists best advance environmental reforms in MENA?

35. The EU Green Deal and Its Industrial and Political Significance

36. Can adjustment costs in research derail the transition to green growth?

37. Análisis crítico de la Política de Crecimiento Verde

38. Old Fertilizer in New Bottles: Selling the Past as Innovation in Africa’s Green Revolution

39. Green Hydrogen in a Circular Carbon Economy: Opportunities and Limits

40. Green Giants? China’s National Oil Companies Prepare for the Energy Transition

41. Promoting Energy for Development in a World Accelerating to Net-Zero: Roundtable Report

42. The Impact of ESG on National Oil Companies

43. Advancing Corporate Procurement of Zero-Carbon Electricity in the United States: Moving from RE100 to ZC100

44. Comparing a Clean Electricity Standard and a Carbon Tax

45. Powering the Globe: Lessons from Southeast Asia for China’s Global Energy Interconnection Initiative

46. The New “Rare Metal Age”: New Challenges and Implications of Critical Raw Materials Supply Security in the 21st Century

47. Building the Banking Sector’s Capacity for Green Infrastructure Investments for a Low-Carbon Economy

48. Energy Reality and Emissions in ASEAN: Energy Modelling Scenarios and Policy Implications

49. On the road to sustainable mobility: How to ensure a just transition?

50. Towards a green, competitive and resilient EU economy: How can digitalisation help?

51. Central Bank Mandates, Sustainability Objectives and the Promotion of Green Finance

52. The End of ‘Business as Usual’? COVID-19 and the European Green Deal

53. Revisiting EU Climate and Energy Diplomacy: A Starting Point for Green Deal Diplomacy?

54. The Future of (Negative) Emissions Trading in the European Union

55. The Greenest Stimulus Is One that Delivers Rapid Economic Recovery

56. Warsaw, Brussels, and Europe’s Green Deal: Challenges and Opportunities in 2020

57. Green Stimulus Proposals in the United States and China

58. Energizing America

59. Net-Zero and Geospheric Return: Actions Today for 2030 and Beyond

60. New York City’s Building Emissions Law Shows the Importance of Economywide Climate Policy

61. Levelized Cost of Carbon Abatement: An Improved Cost-Assessment Methodology for a Net-Zero Emissions World

62. Why Europe Should Care about Energy Poverty in its Green Transition

63. Failing Africa’s Farmers: An Impact Assessment of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

64. The European Commission on the Policy Brief brink of a green recovery Will it be able to deliver?

65. Don’t Throw Caution to the Wind: In the Green Energy Transition, Not All Critical Minerals Will Be Goldmines

66. Equipping the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation for the Low-Carbon Transition How Are Other National Oil Companies Adapting?

67. Sustainable Energy through Green Bonds in India

68. What do investors in electric vehicles technologies want?

69. What drives them to invest in the sustainable mobility transition ? Evidence from a conjoint experiment on European investors' policy preferences

70. The heterogeneous impact of coal prices on the location of cleaner and dirtier steel plants

71. Policy uncertainty and renewable energy investments in Romania

72. Understanding the European Union’s regional potential in low-carbon technologies

73. Green COVID-19 Recovery and Transatlantic Leadership: What Are the Prospects?

74. The EU’s Green Deal: Bismarck’s ‘What Is Possible’ Versus Thunberg’s ‘What Is Imperative’