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1. The Political Economy of the Cost of Living Crisis in the UK: What Is to Be Done?

2. Environmental Inequality in Industrial Brownfields: Evidence from French Municipalities

3. Reproductive Injustice? A County-Level Analysis of the Impact of Abortion Restrictions on Abortion Rates

4. Women, Peace and Security and the 2022 National Security Strategy

5. U.S. Health Care from a Global Perspective, 2022: Accelerating Spending, Worsening Outcomes

6. U.S. and Global Approaches to Financing Long-Term Care: Understanding the Patchwork

7. Gender equality in Europe: a still imperfect model in the world

8. Examining Child Deprivation Across California and How It Could Be Addressed with Early Childhood Education

9. Analysis on the Determinants of Labor Share and Its Policy Implications

10. Refuge: How the State Shapes Human Potential

11. Absolute or relative: perceptions of inequality among young adults in Mozambique

12. Global Inequality in Well‐​Being Has Decreased across Many Dimensions: Introducing the Inequality of Human Progress Index

13. Inequality of Opportunity and Income Redistribution

14. Inequality of Opportunity and Income Redistribution

15. Climate change adaptation relevance of Tanzania’s national budget

16. Inclusion and exclusion in Somali drought emergency assistance

17. Climate and Environmental Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo

18. Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment in the Post-Soviet Space: Challenges and Perspectives

19. An Age of Crises: Prospects for inequality and division

20. From Rhetoric to Action: Delivering Inequality & Exclusion

21. A New Horizon in U.S. Trade Policy: Key Developments and Questions for the Biden Administration

22. Spatial Wage Inequality in North America and Western Europe: Changes Between and Within Local Labour Markets 1975-2019

23. Los retos de Honduras en materia de inseguridad. El dilema de Xiomara Castro ante el populismo punitivo y de la seguridad.

24. Violence against women: A public health crisis

25. Inequality in Chile: Perceptions and Patterns

26. Growth Through Inclusion in South Africa

27. Çocuk Yoksulluğunun Genel Görünümü ve Türkiye’de Çocuk Yoksulluğunun Son Hali

28. Kadın Maden Mühendisliği Bölümü Öğrencilerinin Gözünden Maden Mühendisliği Mesleğinin Toplumsal Cinsiyet Algısına Dayalı Olarak Değerlendirilmesi

29. Türkiye’de Yoksulluğun Görünümü ve Yoksullukla Mücadelede Aile ve Sosyal Hizmetler Bakanlığının Rolü

30. How to Strengthen Gender Equality Policies? A Review of Data, Policies and Processes

31. The Impact of Digital Policy Tools on Local Democracy

32. Top Wealth and Its Historical Origins: An Analysis of Germany’s Largest Privately Held Fortunes in 2019

33. Young, Gifted, and Black: Inequitable Outcomes of Gifted and Talented Programs

34. Chicago's Racial Wealth Gap: Legacies of the Past, Challenges in the Present, Uncertain Futures

35. Social Policy Expansion and Retrenchment After Latin America’s Commodity Boom

36. Identity and support for policies towards Indigenous people: Evidence from Australia

37. Programme-135: addressing poverty and inequality in Viet Nam

38. On data and trends in horizontal inequality

39. Poverty, inequality, and growth: trends, policies, and controversies

40. Health and ethnic inequalities in Mozambique with special reference to leprosy

41. Revisiting the links between economic inequality and political violence: The role of social mobilization

42. Women’s inheritance rights and time use: Evidence from the Hindu Succession Act in India

43. The global inequality boomerang

44. Impact of female peer composition on gender norm perceptions and skills formation in secondary school

45. Affirmative action: meaning, intentions, and impacts in the big picture

46. The indirect costs of corporate tax avoidance exacerbate cross-country inequality

47. Inequality Kills: The unparalleled action needed to combat unprecedented inequality in the wake of COVID-19

48. Monetary Policy and Racial Inequality

49. The Value-Added Tax (VAT) Improvement Program: Raising the operational efficacy of the VAT administration in Bangladesh

50. The Crisis of Extreme Inequality in SADC: Fighting austerity and the pandemic