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1. How Sweden Can Use its EU Presidency to Build the Civilian Security Dimension of the Eastern Partnership

2. EU Energy Security & the Maghreb

3. Russia's Influence in MENA After a Year of War in Ukraine

4. The Monroe Doctrine as the Will and Idea of the United States of America

5. Turkey vis-à-vis Russia’s War against Ukraine

6. Italy’s Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

7. Fighting Against Internal and External Threats Simultaneously: China’s Police and Satellite Cooperation with Autocratic Countries

8. Reach for the Stars: Bridging Italy’s Potential in Space with Its Foreign and Security Policy

9. Crisis in Kazakhstan: Protests, Regime Stability, and Regional Security

10. Towards Sustainable Peace and Cooperation

11. A certain idea of Europe: How the next French president can lead

12. Let a thousand contacts bloom: How China competes for influence in Bulgaria

13. Shared fortunes: Why Britain, the European Union, and Africa need one another

14. Principled pragmatism: Europe’s place in a multipolar Middle East

15. A question of balance: India and Europe after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

16. Hedge politics: Turkey’s search for balance in the Middle East

17. Gateway to growth: How the European Green Deal can strengthen Africa’s and Europe’s economies

18. Why the American Public is Less Polarized on Foreign Policy

19. Blocking the Gateways to Nuclear Disorder in the Middle East

20. India in the Indo-Pacific: Pursuing Prosperity and Security

21. German-US Relations and the Security of the Baltic States

22. A 'Bright Path' Forward or a Grim Dead End? The Political Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative in Kazakhstan

23. Turkey's Response to the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

24. How Will China Respond to the Russia-Ukraine Crisis?

25. Correlates of Politics and Economics: How Chinese Investment in Africa Changes Political Influence

26. The Wagner Group's Playbook in Africa: Mali

27. Serbia on Edge

28. China's Security Management Towards Central Asia

29. Security Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean

30. Distrust in the heartland: explaining the Eurasian “Organization Gap” through the Russo-Chinese relations

31. Historical relations between Brazil and Paraguay: negotiations and quarrels behind Itaipu Dam

32. Politicization, Foreign Policy and Nuclear Diplomacy: Brazil in the Global Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime after the NPT

33. CPLP: the first twenty-five years

34. NATO Should Defend Europe, Not Pivot to Asia

35. To Prevent War and Secure Ukraine, Make Ukraine Neutral

36. Apply the Logic of the Afghanistan Withdrawal to Syria

37. The Wisdom of U.S. Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan

38. Raising the Minimum: Explaining China’s Nuclear Buildup

39. Bases, Logistics, and the Problem of Temptation in the Middle East

40. Deterring a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan: Upholding the Status Quo

41. At the End of Its Tether: U.S. Grand Strategy of Advancing Democracy

42. Spheres of Influence in a Multipolar World

43. Semiconductors Are Not a Reason to Defend Taiwan

44. Who Is an Ally, and Why Does It Matter?

45. Lessons for Taiwan from Ukraine

46. American Interests in the Ukraine War

47. 'Win Without Fighting': The Chinese Communist Party's Political and Institutional Warfare Against the West

48. Can the U.S. Regain Battlefield Superiority against China? Applying New Metrics to Build an Adaptable and Resilient Military

49. Chinese Political Warfare: The PLA’s Information and Influence Operations

50. Defending Guam