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1. The Impact of Populist Executive on the Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America

2. Does Institutional Quality Matter to Korean Outward FDI? A Gravity Model Analysis

3. Reshuffling Value Chains - South Korea as a Case Study

4. Electric Vehicles and the Changing Automotive GVC: A Window of Opportunity for African Countries?

5. A More Strategic Approach to Foreign Direct Investment Policy

6. Who Learns More from Afar? Spatial Empirical Evidence on Manufacturing and Services

7. Assessing Digital Leadership: Is the EU Losing out to the US?

8. Employment Effects of Offshoring, Technological Change and Migration in a Group of Western European Economies: Impact on Different Occupations

9. Functional Specialisation and Working Conditions in Europe

10. Determinants of Functional Specialisation in EU Countries

11. Regulatory Convergence within Technical Barriers to Trade

12. FDI Spillover Effects: Evidence from the Philippines

13. Entry Mode Choice and Performance of Foreign Direct Investment Firms in Emerging Economies: Micro-evidence from Viet Nam

14. FDI Spillover Effects on Innovation Activities of Knowledge-using and Knowledge-creating Firms: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

15. FDI in Azerbaijan in 2021: Developments and Challenges

16. Primer on International Investment Treaties and Investor-State Dispute Settlement

17. Foreign Firms Investment in Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation

18. Impacts of New International Tax System on Multinational Firms’ FDI

19. What Will It Take for Jordan to Grow?

20. Corruption, FDI, and Trade Freedom Relationship Between Turkey and Latin American Countries

21. A Narrative of Debt Trap Vs Connectivity under CPEC: A Case of Gwadar Port

22. The US–Italy Economic Relations in a Divided World

23. Is Foreign Direct Investment Losing Clout in Development?

24. Vietnam’s Global Value Chains Participation and Policy Implications for South Korea-Vietnam Economic Cooperation

25. Determinants and Effects of Foreign Direct Investment in Austria: Spillovers to Novel Innovative Environmental Technologies

26. Economic and Social Impacts of FDI in Central, East and Southeast Europe

27. Foreign Direct Investment, Gross Domestic Product, and Export Nexus in Turkey: Autoregressive Distributed Lag Bounds Model and Granger Causality Approach

28. Snakes, rats and drug addicts used to dwell here – analysis of the narrative utilised to capture the state

29. Global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Capital Allocation Strategies Between Impact Ambitions and Measurement Challenges

30. China in Italy: Risk Assessment and Preventive Solutions

31. Economic Sentiment Indicators and Foreign Direct Investment: Empirical Evidence from European Union Countries

32. Interactions Between Global Value Chains and Foreign Direct Investment: A Network Approach

33. Heterogeneous Effects of Non-tariff Measures on Cross-border Investments: Bilateral Firm-level Analysis

34. How do Corporate Taxes affect International Trade?

35. The challenge to US hegemony and the “Gilpin Dilemma”

36. Jagged Sphere: China’s quest for infrastructure and influence in mainland Southeast Asia

37. China’s FDI in Europe and Europe’s Policy Response

38. Foreign Direct Investment and Labour Market Dynamics in a Developing Country: Evidence from Indonesian Plant-Level Data

39. Assessment of Industrial Cluster Policies in Viet Nam: The Role of Special Economic Zones in Attracting Foreign Direct Investment

40. New Productivity Drivers: Revisiting the Role of Digital Capital, FDI and Integration at Aggregate and Sectoral Levels

41. FDI another day: Russian reliance on European investment

42. The FDI-led Growth Regimes of the East-Central and South-Eastern European Periphery

43. The Interaction Between Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Portfolio Investment and Economic Growth: The Case of Sub- Saharan African Countries


45. Quarterly Review of the Georgian Economy (III Quarter, 2019)

46. China and the EU in the Western Balkans: A zero-sum game?

47. Cross-border Investments and Uncertainty Firm-level Evidence

48. The Investment Screening Regulation and its screening ground "security or public order": how the WTO law understanding undermines the Regulation's objectives

49. Exporting out of China or out of Africa? Automation versus Relocation in the Global Clothing Industry

50. Political Instability, FDI and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan African Countries: Evidence from Modelling Dynamic Simultaneous Equations