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1. We’ll always have Paris: How to adapt multilateral climate cooperation to new realities

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7. Policy Options for an Equitable Re-globalization

8. África y (Sur) América Latina: Un interregionalismo posible, una alianza improbable

9. Opportunities for Increased Multilateral Engagement with B3W

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11. Convergence and Divergence: Multilateral Trade and Climate Agendas

12. French Engagement in the Western Balkans: Boosting Strategic, Political, Economic, and Societal Cooperation

13. WTO 2025: Getting back to the negotiating table

14. The International Dimension of the U.S. Strategy on Countering Corruption

15. The Alliance of Civilizations and the Role of Spain

16. South Korea’s Place in the Indo-Pacific: A Research Showcase for Pacific Forum’s Korea Foundation Fellows

17. Turkey's ‘Precious Loneliness’ vs. Greece's Multilateralism

18. Looking Ahead: Trends and Solutions for 2022

19. Recent UN Votes on Ukraine: What Needs to be Done to Maintain International Unity (Part I)

20. How to Maintain International Unity on Ukraine (Part II)

21. 40 años dela pertenencia de España a la OTAN: desafíos pasados y futuros de una relación procelosa

22. European unilateralism as a tool for regulating international trade: a necessary evil in a collapsing multilateral system

23. Coronavirus and the Widening Global North-South Gap

24. Is There a Better Way to Use Global Reserves?

25. ABCs of the IFIs: Understanding IDA20

26. Country Platforms and Delivery of Global Public Goods

27. Education, Training and Capacity Building in the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) 2021: Multilateral and Bilateral Ambitions Twenty Years On

28. Security Dialogues with Chinese Characteristics

29. Questioning Multilateralism: Conceptual Re-Evaluation and the Decline in the Western Multilateral Order

30. Understanding Russia’s perception of international agency in the context of the war against Ukraine