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58261. The Future of the Caucasus after the Second Chechen War

58262. One Size Must Fit All: National Divergences in a Monetary Union

58263. The International Trade of Multinational Firms: The Empirical Behaviour of Intrafirm Trade in a Gravity Equation Model

58264. Technical Barriers to Trade in the European Union: Importance for Accession Countries

58265. Goodbye, Agenda 2000, Hello Agenda 2003: Effects of the Berlin Summit on Own Resources, Expenditures, and EU Net Balances

58266. Consumer Credit in the European Union

58267. Assessing The Arab 'Yellow Light' On A Palestinian; Unilateral Declaration Of Independence

58268. Israeli Politics And Camp David

58269. A Second Camp David Summit? Assessment And Prospects

58270. Camp David II Aftermath: Options For The Next Ninety Days