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58251. Cultural Contradictions of Post-Communism: Why Liberal Reforms Did Not Succeed in Russia

58252. China, Nuclear Weapons, and Arms Control: A Preliminary Assessment

58253. The United States, Japan, and China: Setting the Course

58254. Humanitarian Intervention: Crafting a Workable Doctrine

58255. Future Visions for U.S. Defense Policy : Four Alternatives Presented as Presidential Speeches

58256. Future Directions for U.S. Economic Policy Toward Japan

58257. Toward Greater Peace and Security in Colombia: Forging a Constructive U.S. Policy

58258. Institutions Structural Unemployment: Do Capital-Market Imperfections Matter?

58259. The Changing Nature and Determinants of EU Trade Policies

58260. The 'Cyprus Question': Reshaping Community Identities and Elite Interests within a Wider European Framework