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1. The First COVID Wave: Comparing Experiences of Adults Age 50 and Older in the U.S. and Europe

2. Using Risk Analysis to Shape Border Management: A Review of Approaches during the COVID-19 Pandemic

3. Four Years of Profound Change: Immigration Policy during the Trump Presidency

4. China, Europe, and the Pandemic Recession: Beijing’s Investments and Transatlantic Security

5. Spring 2022 edition of Strategic Visions

6. The Department of Defense Contributions to Pandemic Response

7. COVID-19 vaccine supply chains and the Defense Production Act

8. US-China vaccine diplomacy: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean

9. The Geopolitical Consequences of COVID-19: Assessing Hawkish Mass Opinion in China

10. Policy Papers by Women of Color: Decolonizing International Development

11. Turning Point: A three year update on US supermarkets’ progress and pitfalls

12. China’s Role in Korean Security Issues

13. Spring 2022 Snapshot on International Educational Exchange

14. Resilient Industry Ecochains for the US-Taiwan Partnership

15. A Proverbial Shot in the Arm: US Investment Is Key to Boost Philippine Economic Recovery and Resilience

16. The Complex History of US-Philippine Health Partnerships

17. Examining Philippine-US Cooperation Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: Setting a Broader Agenda for Educating Filipino Children and Youth

18. The politicized pandemic: Ideological polarization and the behavioral response to COVID-19*

19. How Transnational Education Transforms Privilege

20. Health of nations: How Europe can fight future pandemics

21. A Rotten Money Regime is Responsible for Pandemic and War Inflation

22. March 2022 Issue

23. Operation Warp Speed, Encore: A Case for US Leadership to Drive Market-Based Global Health Innovation

24. Next-generation Perspectives on Taiwan

25. Global Supply Chain Pressures, International Trade, and Inflation

26. State Building in Crisis Governance: Donald Trump and COVID-19

27. The Psychological Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the U.S. Military

28. Operation Warp Speed and the Countermeasures Acceleration Group—A Twenty-first Century Manhattan Project

29. Implications from the Guard's Extensive Use: A Cautionary Tale of 2020

30. Lessons from the Inflation of 2021-202(?)

31. The Unprecedented Federal Fiscal Policy Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Impact on State Budgets

32. Muddling Through: Alaska’s Budget Process in 2021

33. Don’t Go Chasing Windfalls: California’s 2021-2022 Budget

34. Colorado’s Political Climate, Economy, and Budget during COVID-19

35. The Year Without Tourism: Hawai‘i’s FY2022 Pandemic Budget

36. Idaho FY22: Recommendations, Appropriations, and Partisanship

37. New Mexico’s Box of Pandoras

38. Oregon 2020-21: Budgeting During COVID

39. Utah: Strategic Investments in the Wake of a Pandemic

40. Budgeting in Pandemic Times: Shutdowns, Social Unrest, and Spending in Washington State

41. Time for a Significant Reimagining of Government in Wyoming?

42. Geopolitical Risk in the Era of U.S.-China Strategic Competition and Economic Security

43. International Spread of Anti-dumping Measures and Diversification of Investigation Methodologies