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1. Sanctions, Economic Statecraft, and Venezuela’s Crisis

2. The Geopolitical Consequences of COVID-19: Assessing Hawkish Mass Opinion in China

3. After Trump: Enemies, Partisans, and Recovery

4. Biden’s Foreign Policy Casts a Long Shadow

5. The Return of US Leadership in Europe: Biden and the Russia Crisis

6. Israeli Apartheid and the West’s Dwindling Moral Credibility

7. Europe’s Post-Cold War Order Is No More

8. Inclusion of Women in the FY22 NDAA (P.L. 117-81)

9. Policy Papers by Women of Color: Decolonizing International Development

10. The Persistence of QAnon in the Post-Trump Era: An Analysis of Who Believes the Conspiracies

11. The European Banks’ Role in the Financial Crisis of 2007-8: A Critical Assessment

12. The evolving contribution of R&D, advertising and capital expenditures for US-listed firms’ growth in sales, 1979-2018: A quantile regression analysis

13. A US failure in Ukraine Crisis could lead to a conflagration in Middle East, Asia

14. Houthi/Iranian attacks on UAE a response to losses on the Yemen battlefield

15. Will US-Israel ties withstand possible strains due to the Iranian and Palestinian issues?

16. US Policy Towards the Yemeni Conflict Must Change

17. Could Biden construct a new world order through détente with Russia?

18. Comparing Older Adults’ Mental Health Needs and Access to Treatment in the U.S. and Other High-Income Countries

19. Primary Care in High-Income Countries: How the United States Compares

20. For a new European growth strategy

21. Nuclear Waste Policy Actions for the 117th Congress and Biden Administration

22. US-China Roundtable on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

23. Breaking Down the Arguments for and against U.S. Antitrust Legislation

24. Cross-Strait and U.S.-Taiwan Relations from the Kuomintang Point of View

25. Russia in the Indo-Pacific: Perspectives from China, Russia, and the United States

26. How Transnational Education Transforms Privilege

27. Prospects for Japan's National Security Policy in 2022 and the US-Japan Alliance

28. Financial Cold War – A Book Talk

29. How Inequality and Polarization Interact: America’s Challenges Through a South African Lens

30. U.S. Strategy and Economic Statecraft: Understanding the Tradeoffs

31. U.S.-China Technological “Decoupling”: A Strategy and Policy Framework

32. United States of America: Country outlook

33. United States of America: Briefing sheet

34. United States of America: Economic structure

35. United States of America: Political structure

36. United States of America: Country fact sheet

37. United States of America: Country forecast summary

38. The Digital Silk Road and China’s Influence on Standard Setting

39. Untapped Innovation? The Racial and Gender Divides That Hinder the U.S. Knowledge Economy

40. Counterterrorism from the Sky? How to Think Over the Horizon about Drones

41. Creating an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Financing

42. What Does $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine Buy?

43. The Pillars Necessary for a Strong Domestic Semiconductor Industry

44. U.S. Defense Posture in the Middle East

45. Pushed to Extremes: Domestic Terrorism amid Polarization and Protest

46. U.S. Strategy: Rebalancing Global Energy between Europe, Russia, and Asia and U.S. Security Policy in the Middle East and the Gulf

47. Bridging U.S.-Led Alliances in the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific: An Inter-theater Perspective

48. Political Prisoners to Ortega’s Narrative

49. Integration with the United States or Latin American Independence?

50. For Hemispheric Unity, a Change in U.S. Foreign Policy is Needed

51. Making the Dominican Republic Great Again?

52. Why Haiti Advocacy Needs New Strategies

53. U.S. Immigration Detention System: “A Living Hell”

54. Achieving Inclusive and Innovative Growth with Competition Policies

55. China's New Trade Strategy amid US-China Confrontation and Implications

56. Analysis of U.S. International Economic Policies and its Implications

57. Four Years of Profound Change: Immigration Policy during the Trump Presidency

58. China, Europe, and the Pandemic Recession: Beijing’s Investments and Transatlantic Security

59. Contested Deployment

60. Framing the Future of the US Military Profession

61. Spring 2022 edition of Strategic Visions






67. The Department of Defense Contributions to Pandemic Response

68. Securing Medical Supply Chains with Trusted Trade Partners

69. Strategic Competition in the Financial Gray Zone

70. Renewing Growth in Puerto Rico: Evaluating the Island’s Transition to Distributed Solar Energy

71. Young, Gifted, and Black: Inequitable Outcomes of Gifted and Talented Programs

72. Regional Perspectives on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

73. Equity and Diversity in the Nation's Cyber Workforce: Policy Recommendations for Addressing Data Gaps

74. Space Threat Assessment 2022

75. Defense Acquisition Trends 2021

76. Beyond Foreign Military Sales: Opportunities to Enhance Japan-U.S. Defense Industrial Cooperation

77. A Shared Responsibility: Public-Private Cooperation for Cybersecurity

78. The Case for Cooperation: The Future of the U.S.-UK Intelligence Alliance

79. Measuring Congressional Impact on Defense Acquisition Funding

80. U.S. Military Forces in FY 2022: Peering into the Abyss

81. Securing Intellectual Property for Innovation and National Security

82. Data Protection or Data Utility?

83. An Invitation to Belong: Challenging the Systemic Exclusion of Palestinians as Present Absentees

84. Subnational policies and migration in the USA: post-national citizenship or sovereignty?

85. 475,106 Mistakes: The Cost of Erroneous Parking Tickets

86. Chicago's Racial Wealth Gap: Legacies of the Past, Challenges in the Present, Uncertain Futures

87. Americans on War Powers, Authorization for Use of Military Force and Arms Sales: A National Survey of Registered Voters

88. Starr Forum: Republics of Myth: National Narratives and the US-Iran Conflict

89. Fact Sheet: Anti-LGBT+ Mobilization on the Rise in the United States

90. Europe and the Geopolitics of 5G Walking a Technological Tightrope

91. Rewinding the Clock? US-Russia Relations in the Biden Era

92. Convince and Coerce: U.S. Interference in Technology Exchanges Between its Allies and China

93. Arctic: Toward the End of the Exception? Strategic, Nuclear and Maritime Issues in the Region

94. The Military Use of Small Satellites in Orbit

95. The Political Economy of the Metaverse

96. The European Union renews its offensive against US technology firms

97. The case for a cautiously optimistic outlook for US inflation

98. For inflation relief, the United States should look to trade liberalization

99. Trump ended WTO dispute settlement. Trade remedies are needed to fix it.

100. COVID-19 vaccine supply chains and the Defense Production Act