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1. Afghanistan under the Taliban: Regional recalibrations, challenges, and ways forward

2. Old Habits, New Consequences: Pakistan's Posture toward Afghanistan since 2001

3. Exploitation of Mineral Resources in Afghanistan Without Government Revenues or Development Benefits

4. Iran's Foreign Policy in Post-Taliban Afghanistan

5. The Diffusion Of Intra-Islamic Violence And Terrorism: The Impact Of The Proliferation Of Salafi/Wahhabi Ideologies

6. Collective evil and individual pathology: The depoliticization of violence against Afghan civilians

7. Christian Just War Reasoning and Two Cases of Rebellion: Ireland 1916-1921 and Syria 2011-Present

8. Afghanistan: Withdrawal Lessons

9. Afghanistan: Meeting the Real World Challenges of Transition

10. Trends in Militancy across South Asia

11. China-Taiwan Relations: Bumps along the Road

12. Ending the War in Afghanistan

13. Electoral Offensive: Taliban Planning for Afghanistan's 2014 National Elections

14. An Explosion of News: The State of Media in Afghanistan

15. Toward a Political Settlement in Afghanistan

16. Hearts, Minds, and the Barrel of a Gun: The Taliban's Shadow Government

17. A Strategy of "Congagement" toward Pakistan

18. India in Afghanistan: A Rising Power or a Hesitant Power?

19. Afghanistan's Civil Order Police

20. What It Will Take to Secure Afghanistan

21. Haqqani Network Financing: The Evolution of an Industry

22. Village Stability Operations and Afghan Local Police

23. Justifying sacrifice: Barack Obama and the selling and ending of the war in Afghanistan

24. Girls' Education in Afghanistan

25. "Development and the Battle for Swat"

26. Iran's New Security Environment Imperatives: Counter Containment or Engagement with the US

27. Making Peace in Afghanistan: The Missing Political Strategy

28. Video-recorded Decapitations: A seemingly perfect terrorist tactic that did not spread

29. Defence Policy: After Pakistan

30. Pakistan, the United States and the End Game in Afghanistan: Perceptions of Pakistan's Foreign Policy Elite

31. Promoting Stability and Resolving Provincial Disputes in Afghanistan

32. Afghan Perspectives on Achieving Durable Peace

33. Taliban's Factor in U.S.-Iran Relations: 2001-2009

34. A Place at the Table: Safeguarding women's rights in Afghanistan

35. Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Insecure Environments: Learning from Afghanistan

36. Afghanistan Ten Years After...

37. The Comprehensive Approach in Afghanistan

38. Airpower in Counterinsurgency and Stability Operations

39. Ministerial Advisors: Developing Capacity for an Enduring Security Force

40. Transforming the Conflict in Afghanistan

41. Negotiating Afghanistan: When? With Whom? About What?

42. Staying Power: The U.S. Mission in Afghanistan beyond 2011

43. Defying Expectations: Polio Vaccination Programs Amid Political and Armed Conflict

44. Afghanistan: Exit vs Engagement

45. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan: An attempt to deconstruct the umbrella organization and the reasons for its growth in Pakistan's north-west

46. Pakistan: dealing with peace in the tribal areas?

47. A "Net Shift" for Afghanistan

48. Afghanistan: Long-term Solutions and Perilous Shortcuts

49. Countering Taliban Information Operations in Afghanistan

50. Stabilization Operations Beyond Government: Joint Venture Public-Private Partnerships in Iraq and Afghanistan

51. The dangers of militarized aid in Afghanistan

52. From the Sun King to Karzai: Lessons for State Building in Afghanistan

53. It Takes the Villages

54. What Comes Next in Yemen? Al-Qaeda, the Tribes, and State-Building

55. A Force in Fragments: Reconstituting the Afghan National Army

56. Shaping the War in Afghanistan: The Situation in the Spring of 2010

57. Elections in Afghanistan

58. When Should We Talk to Terrorists?

59. Economic Development and Security for Afghanistan

60. The Facade of Allegiance: Bin Ladin's Dubious Pledge to Mullah Omar

61. Afghanistan: Searching for Political Agreement

62. Afghanistan at the Breaking Point

63. An Interview with Hasain Haqqani

64. The Debate over Taliban

65. Fixing Bagram: Strengthening Detention Reforms to Align with U.S. Strategic Priorities

66. U.S.-China Relations

67. China-Taiwan Relations

68. The Future of Peacekeeping Operations: Fighting Political Fatigue and Overstretch

69. Defining the Punjabi Taliban Network

70. Comparing the U.S. and Soviet Experiences in Afghanistan

71. Overdue Process: Protecting Human Rights while Sanctioning Alleged Terrorists

72. Pakistan's IDP Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities

73. The Terrorist Threat to Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons

74. Disaggregating the Pakistani Taliban: Does the good, the bad and the ugly Taliban distinction represent a failed policy?

75. Are the Afghan Taliban Involved in International Terrorism?

76. Reconciling With the Taliban?: Toward an Alternative Grand Strategy in Afghanistan

77. Arguing Afghanistan: what the detractors of NATO's mission get wrong

78. "The Rise of Afghanistan's Insurgency: State Failure and Jihad"

79. Taliban Propaganda: Winning the War of Words?

80. Securing Pakistan's Tribal Belt

81. Community Peacebuilding in Afghanistan: The Case for a National Strategy

82. Afghanistan: The Need for International Resolve

83. Special Report No. 212: Thwarting Afghanistan's Insurgency: A Pragmatic Approach toward Peace and Reconciliation

84. Media and Conflict: Afghanistan as a Relative Success Story

85. PolicyWatch #1409: Al-Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Threatened

86. Full Issue - Volume 1, Issue 2

87. China - Russia: From Election Politics to Economic Posturing

88. NATO Caveats Can Be Made To Work Better for the Alliance

89. Reason or Faith: The Republican Alternative

90. The Afghan Impasse

91. Lessons from the Soviet Occupation in Afghanistan for the United States and NATO

92. Space Weaponization and Canada-U.S. Relations: Lessons from Australia

93. Iran and Al-Qaeda in Iraq: What's the Connection?

94. Pakistan—Conflicted Ally in the War on Terror

95. Inexcusable Absence: Why 60 Million Girls Still Aren't in School and What to do About It

96. Shutting Hizballah's 'Construction Jihad'

97. Somalia: The Tough Part Is Ahead

98. The Situation in Afghanistan: A Re-evaluation Needed

99. No Silver Bullets for Afghanistan's Drug Crisis

100. Hearts and Minds: Afghan Opinion on the Taliban, the Government and the International Forces