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1. Worsening Risk of Mass Atrocities in South Sudan

2. On Designating the 14-Mile Area in the Cooperation Agreement: Missteps and Implications for Peace in South Sudan

3. Transferring Policy: The African Union’s Protection of Civilians Policy in Peacekeeping Missions in Somalia and South Sudan

4. Pay Day Loans and Backroom Empires: South Sudan’s Political Economy since 2018

5. R2P Monitor, Issue 67, 1 December 2023

6. R2P Monitor, Issue 66, 1 September 2023

7. R2P Monitor, Issue 65, 1 June 2023

8. R2P Monitor, Issue 64, 1 March 2023

9. Immediate Risk of Mass Atrocities in South Sudan

10. Survivor-Centred Justice for Gender-Based Violence in Complex Situations

11. Gearing Up the Fight Against Impunity: Dedicated Investigative and Prosecutorial Capacities

12. R2P Monitor, Issue 63, 1 December 2022

13. R2P Monitor, Issue 62, 1 September 2022

14. R2P Monitor, Issue 61, 1 June 2022

15. R2P Monitor, Issue 60, 1 March 2022

16. Lives at Risk: A study of girls dropping out of school in Juba, Rumbek and Pibor Counties, South Sudan

17. The Periphery Cannot Hold: Upper Nile since the Signing of the R-ARCSS

18. 'And Everything Became War': Warrap State since the Signing of the R-ARCSS

19. R2P Monitor, Issue 55, 15 January 2021

20. R2P Monitor, Issue 56, 15 March 2021

21. R2P Monitor, Issue 57, 1 June 2021

22. R2P Monitor, Issue 58, 1 September 2021

23. R2P Monitor, Issue 59, 1 December 2021

24. The Center Is Not Holding: Analyzing South Sudan’s Social Cohesion Architecture in the Evolving Context of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan

25. Compound Crisis Challenges Posed by Sudan’s Faltering Transition

26. ‘Of Cattle and Conflict’ – Rethinking responses to pastoralism-related conflicts

27. Conflict and Crisis in South Sudan’s Equatoria

28. Still Not There: Global Violent Deaths Scenarios, 2019–30

29. Seeing in the Dark: Real-Time Monitoring in Humanitarian Crises

30. Toward a Viable Future for South Sudan

31. Oil or Nothing: Dealing with South Sudan’s Bleeding Finances

32. Surface Tension: ‘Communal’ Violence and Elite Ambitions in South Sudan

33. A Climate Crisis in Africa: The Case of South Sudan

34. The pandemic will not stop us: The impact of COVID-19 on women’s peace activism in Colombia, the Philippines, South Sudan and Ukraine

35. Oil or Nothing: Dealing with South Sudan’s Bleeding Finances

36. South Sudan’s Civil War: Violence, Insurgency and Failed Peacemaking

37. Rethinking South Sudan’s Path to Democracy

38. Edge of Survival

39. Towards Anticipatory Information Systems and Action: Notes on Early Warning and Early Action in East Africa

40. Joint NGO Letter: The UN Human Rights Council should extend the mandate of the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan

41. R2P Monitor, Issue 49, 15 January 2020

42. Protection through Policing: The Protective Role of UN Police in Peace Operations


44. R2P Monitor, Issue 53, 15 September 2020

45. R2P Monitor, Issue 52, 15 July 2020

46. R2P Monitor, Issue 51, 15 May 2020

47. All forgiven? South Sudan’s Transitional Government and the recurring risk of atrocities

48. R2P Monitor, Issue 54, 15 November 2020

49. What Next for UN Peace Operations? Global crisis management in a post-COVID-19 world

50. Four Conflict Prevention Opportunities for South Africa’s Foreign Policy

51. The Accountability System for the Protection of Civilians in UN Peacekeeping

52. Silencing the Guns Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach

53. The African Union, regional economic communities and regional mechanisms and United Nations: Leveraging the Triangular Partnership to Silence the Guns in Africa

54. Resource-Backed Loans: Pitfalls and Potentialloan

55. After the Agreement: Why the Oversight of Peace Deals Succeeds or Fails

56. A Missing Mandate? Casualty Recording in UN Peace Operations

57. Hollow Promises: The Risks of Military Integration in Western Equatoria

58. Strategic Peacebuilding: The Role of Civilians and Civil Society in Preventing Mass Atrocities in South Sudan

59. Theories of Democratic Change Phase III: Transitions from Conflict

60. The Religious Landscape in South Sudan: Challenges and Opportunities for Engagement

61. Ceasefire Monitoring in South Sudan 2014–2019: “A Very Ugly Mission”

62. Sub-Saharan Africa: Country fact sheet

63. Highlights on the resilience and vulnerability of populations affected by conflict

64. Twin peaks: the seasonality of acute malnutrition, conflict, and environmental factors

65. Views from the Ground: Perspectives on Localization in the Horn of Africa

66. The Currency of Connections: Why local support systems are integral to helping people recover in South Sudan

67. Shifting Borders: Africa’s Displacement Crisis and Its Security Implications

68. Envisioning a Stable South Sudan

69. Africa Lags in Protections against Human Trafficking

70. Africa’s Unresolved Conflicts a Key Driver of Food Insecurity

71. R2P Monitor, Issue 48, 15 November 2019

72. R2P Monitor, Issue 46, 15 July 2019

73. R2P Monitor, Issue 45, 15 May 2019

74. R2P and Outcomes of the Human Rights Council’s 40th Session

75. R2P Monitor, Issue 44, 15 March 2019

76. R2P Monitor, Issue 43, 15 January 2019

77. Record Number of Forcibly Displaced Africans Likely to Grow

78. Timeline of South Sudan Peace Agreements and Violence

79. Climate Change, Carbon Politics, and Kenya’s Democratic Future

80. Political Breakdown in South Sudan: United Nations and a New Challenge to Human Security (2014 - 2018)


82. South Sudan and Israel: A love affair in a changing region?

83. Revitalising the Peace in South Sudan

84. Reviving Peace in South Sudan through the Revitalised Peace Agreement

85. Sub-Saharan Africa: Country fact sheet

86. War Crimes and Punishment: The Terrain Compound Attack and Military Accountability in South Sudan, 2016–18

87. Displaced and Immiserated: The Shilluk of Upper Nile in South Sudan’s civil war, 2014–19

88. Research Workshop on the Role of Civilians in Preventing and Mitigating Mass Atrocities


91. East Africa politics: Quick View - EAC summit reiterates old promises

94. Sub-Saharan Africa politics: Sticky fingers

96. Sub-Saharan Africa politics: China-Africa relations: a "new stage"

97. Sub-Saharan Africa politics: China-Africa relations: a "new stage"

99. The Role of U.N. Peacekeeping in China’s Expanding Strategic Interests

100. South Sudan’s Civil War and Conflict Dynamics in the Red Sea