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1. From Paper to Practice: Enhancing Integrated Development Plans to Improve Governance

2. Reversing the resource curse: Advancing good natural resource governance for inclusive growth and sustainable development in Southern Africa

3. How Has South Africa’s Membership of BRICS Intensified Uneven and Combined Development in the Country and Beyond?

4. The state of the renewable energy independent power producer procurement programme: Where to from here?

5. Gold in Ghana: A Story of Unbalanced Exchange

6. The Implementation of Sustainability Taxonomies: The Case of South Africa

7. Green Hydrogen: Implications for International Cooperation With Special Reference to South Africa

8. MIT X TAU Series: Africa’s New Activists

9. Climate Change and Trade to the EU Priority Sectors for Policy Intervention in South Africa

10. Through the Lenses of Morality and Responsibility: BRICS, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

11. Youth Inclusion in the Development of South Africa's National Youth Policy (2020–2030): Reflections and Recommendations

12. Examining the Potential of Conditional Cash Transfer for Stemming Cape Flats Gang Violence: A Directional Policy Research Project

13. Integrating community development in public procurement of renewable energy generation: Lessons from South Africa

14. Crime, inequality and subsidized housing: evidence from South Africa

15. South Africa: When Strong Institutions and Massive Inequalities Collide

16. The Impact of Regulations on Investment in Mobile Telephone Infrastructure in Southern African Development Community Countries

17. African Union: Mbeki’s South Africa Policy for Africa

18. The Trade Effects of the Economic Partnership Agreements between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States: Early Empirical Insights from Panel Data

19. The Land Question in South Africa


21. The National Health Insurance Bill: A Critical Review within the South African Development Context

22. The (Re)emergence of the BRICS and the Reorganization of Power in Contemporary Geopolitics

23. BRICS and Mortar: New Architecture in Education

24. South-South Cooperation and Technological Development in Defense: The Case of the Missile a-Darter

25. South Africa’s Changing Role in Global Development Structures – Being in Them but Not Always of Them

26. Governing Digital Trade – A New Role for the WTO

27. The politics of social protection in Eastern and Southern Africa: Actors, institutions and dynamics

28. Social Innovation and Higher Education in the BRICS (1): a background overview

29. Social Innovation and Higher Education in the BRICS (2): a multiscalar governance approach with evidence from DESIS Labs

30. The Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification Mechanisms for Developing Countries under the UNFCCC: an analysis of the BASIC countries Biennial Update Reports

31. Youth Unemployment in Africa: Capacity Building and Innovative Strategies

32. Beyond Elitism: The Possibilities of Labour-Centred Development

33. Infrastructure Development and Financing in Sub-Saharan Africa: Toward a framework for capacity enhancement

34. Political Economy of Trade With the European Union: South Africa's Pursuit of Narrow Self-Interest

35. South Africa and Regional Stability in the Mbeki Era: The Nexus Between Personality and Geo-Political and Economic Concerns in Foreign Policy Making

36. Mark Toufayan, Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet, Hélène Ruiz Fabri (eds). Droit international et nouvelles approches sur le tiers-monde: entre répétition et renouveau [International Law and New Approaches to the Third World: Between Repetition and Renewal]

37. The good, the better and the best: How the Community Work Programme can reach its full potential as an instrument of community development in South Africa

38. Growth Dynamics in South Africa: Key Macroeconomic Drivers and Policy Challenges

39. BRICS As a Transregional Advocacy Coalition

40. The Good, the Better and the Best: How the Community Work Programme Can Reach Its Full Potential as an Instrument of Community Development in South Africa

41. The BRICS Development Bank: Why the world's newest global bank must adopt a pro-poor agenda