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1. The Monroe Doctrine as the Will and Idea of the United States of America

2. Book Talk. Stalin's Millennials: Nostalgia, Trauma, and Nationalism

3. Starr Forum: The Collapse of the Soviet Empire and the seeds of the new European war

4. The Harmonization of Russian and Abkhazian legislations and Its Significance for the Abkhazian Society and Official Tbilisi

5. Realpolitik Should Guide Israeli-Russian Relations

6. The Future of the Digital Order

7. Conciliatory and Conflictual Ethnopolitical Concepts in the Republics of the Russian Federation: Tatarstan and Chechnya

8. Russia and COVID-19: Russian Adaptive Authoritarianism During the Pandemic

9. Russian Relations with Central Asia and Afghanistan after U.S. Withdrawal

10. Russia’s Nationalities Policy before and after the 2020 Constitutional Amendments: Is the “Ethnic Turn” Continuing?

11. Russian Duma Election 2021: Kremlin Supremacy Achieved Through Unprecedented Pressure and Fraud

12. Mixing Medicines on Shifting Terrains: The Politics of Integrative Care in Clinical Spaces in Russia

13. Three Ways to Explore the BRICS (Possible) Impact on the Future Global Order

14. Protection or Interference? The Legitimacy of Contemporary Humanitarian Interventions and the Engagement of Nonhegemonic Powers

15. FDI another day: Russian reliance on European investment

16. The Eighth Brigade: Striving for Supremacy in Southern Syria

17. OPEC+ as a new governor in Global Energy Governance

18. A New Type of Threat: Russia, China and Digital Authoritarianism in West Africa

19. The Spread of the Novel Coronavirus Infection in Russia and the Government's Countermeasures

20. The EU's Chemical Weapons Sanctions Regime: Upholding a taboo under attack

21. The Russian Orthodox Church: Faith, Power and Conquest

22. A Specter is Haunting the West (?): The BRICS and the Future of Global Governance

23. How does China fare on the Russian market? Implications for the European Union

24. Dictators and Leadership: Lessons from Stalin and Mao

25. "Right to Truth" and Memory Laws: General Rules and Practical Implications

26. Social Innovation and Higher Education in the BRICS (1): a background overview

27. Social Innovation and Higher Education in the BRICS (2): a multiscalar governance approach with evidence from DESIS Labs

28. Azerbaijan’s Risky Game between Russia and the West

29. Parsing Chinese-Russian Military Exercises

30. Strategic Insights: From Ideology to Geopolitics: Russian Interests in Latin America

31. Russia’s New “Frozen” Borderlands: Ukraine, Disputed Sovereignty and Governance Across the Post-Soviet Space

32. 'The Loud Dissenter and its Cautious Partner' – Russia, China, global governance and humanitarian intervention

33. Russian Ideology After Crimea

34. Iraq in Crisis

35. Too Far, Too Fast: Sochi, Tourism and Conflict in the Caucasus

36. Russia’s Hidden Underbelly of Debt

37. Biography of an Empire Governing Ottomans in an Age of Revolution, Christine M. Philliou

38. An Economic Strategy to Save Ukraine

39. International Shifts and Their Security Impact on the Gulf: Key Trends and Key Numbers

40. "Don't poke the Russian bear": Turkish policy in the Ukrainian crisis

41. Dynamics of Energy Governance in Europe and Russia

42. Putin's reactive reforms: Unfavourable conditions are forcing the Kremlin to change the rules of the game

43. The West must allow a power shift in international organizations

44. The Transformation of European Migration Governance

45. Why Growth in Emerging Economies Is Likely to Fall

46. The Stalin Puzzle: Deciphering Post-Soviet Public Opinion

47. Arctic Prospects and Challenges from a Korean Perspective

48. Russia, China and Global Governance

49. Who Gives the Orders in the New Russian Military?

50. Central Asia's Crisis of Governance

51. Rising Democracies and the Arab Awakening: Implications for Global Democracy and Human Rights

52. Russia on the Move

53. The concept of "rising powers"

54. The End of the Putin Era?

55. G7 to G8 to G20: Evolution in Global Governance

56. The "Peoples' Congresses" in Russia: Failure or Success? Authenticity and Efficiency of Minority Representation

57. Language Policies and Law in Education in Post-Soviet Belarus

58. Protectors of Putin's vertical: Russian power ministries before the 2011-2012 elections

59. Tableau de bord des pays d'Europe centrale et orientale et d'Eurasie 2011 (Volume 2)

60. Does Fairness Matter?

61. Internet Governance in an Age of Cyber Insecurity

62. The Moscow metro bombings and terrorism in Russia

63. Parties in Russia: From a pseudo-system towards fragmentation

64. Russia and the EU: The Difficult Path to a New Partnership

65. Who Leads Russia?

66. The War on Terror - Security Sector Governance and Military Implications