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1. Fateful Collision: NATO’s Drive to the East Versus Russia’s Sphere of Influence

2. Putin’s Use and Abuse of History: Back to the 19th Century?

3. The EU is Reluctantly Getting Tougher with Putin

4. Understanding the Russia-Iran-Israel Triangle

5. Israel’s Ukraine policy: ‘Right side of history’ vs national interest

6. Russia, Ukraine and international Law

7. Has Europe’s hour come?

8. Energy Markets and the Design of Sanctions on Russia

9. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Identity, History, and Conflict

10. The Ukraine War: Preparing for the Longer-Term Outcome

11. North Africa Can Reduce Europe's Dependence on Russian Gas by Transporting Wasted Gas Through Existing Infrastructure


13. Russia’s Losing Hand in Ukraine

14. What the First Week of Fighting in Ukraine Tells Us About a Potential Insurgency

15. Starr Forum: The Collapse of the Soviet Empire and the seeds of the new European war

16. Fact Sheet: Global Demonstrations Against the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

17. Starr Forum: The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict: A prologue to WWIII or another frozen conflict?

18. Before the Invasion: The Russian-Belarusian Allied Resolve Exercises

19. Eritrea as an Informal Representative of the Pro-Russia Forces in Africa

20. Turkey's Role in the Russian-Ukrainian Negotiations

21. The OSCE as Sisyphus: Mediation, Peace Operations, Human Rights

22. Growing Azerbaijani–Central Asian Ties Likely to Trigger Conflicts With Russia and Iran

23. Russia’s Iskander Missiles Fail in Karabakh but Cause Crisis in Armenia

24. Putin Prioritizes Syria. Biden Should Too.

25. The Overseen Factors Impacting the Afghan Peace Process

26. Russia and Turkey Deconflict Their Geopolitical Moves in the Caucasus

27. Four Stages. Does Russia Plan a Large-Scale Aggression Against Ukraine?

28. Ending the Threat of War in Ukraine: A Negotiated Solution to the Donbas Conflict and the Crimean Dispute

29. The Perfect Conflict The Russian strategy in Yemen

30. Security Review: Black Sea Security

31. Security Review: Russia-Ukraine Confrontation

32. Baku Parade Whispers Geopolitical Complexities in the South Caucasus

33. The Regional Security Dynamics of the South Caucasus After the 2020 Karabakh War

34. Georgian Ethnopolitical Conflicts as a Subject of Confrontation between the USA and Russia

35. In Russia's Hands: Nagorno-Karabakh after the ceasefire agreement

36. Appeasement and Autonomy: Armenian-Russian relations from revolution to war

37. Hybrid warfare –a threat to the national security of the state

38. Russia’s domestic politics have become part of the West’s Russia policy: The stakes are rising when Navalny returns to Russia

39. EU Strategic Autonomy in the Shadow of Geopolitical Rivalry: A View from Moscow

40. Russia's Redefined View on Strategic Stability: A Security Dilemma in Northern Europe?

41. Three decades of Russian Policy in the European Part of the Post-Soviet Space: Swimming Against the Current

42. Sino-Russian Convergence on Eurasian Integration: Understanding the Long-Term Engagement

43. Waves of ambition: Russia’s military build-up in Crimea and the Black Sea

44. TINA for Putin – Or is there an alternative?

45. The EU and Russia: A New Foreign Policy for the “Carcass”?

46. Engaging Russia over Syria: Managing Peripheral Conflict and Narrowing Interests

47. A Strategic Triangle in the Arctic? Implications of China–Russia–United States Power Dynamics for Regional Security

48. Energy: Factor of Stability or Conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean?

49. A Decade of War in Syria: Current Situation and Possible Outcomes/Una Década de Guerra en Siria: Situación Actual y Posibles Desenlaces

50. Post-war Prospects for Nagorno-Karabakh

51. Implications of Russia’s Activities in the Middle East and North Africa Region for U.S. Strategy and Interests

52. Can and Will Germany Be a Viable Partner in a U.S. “Pushback” Strategy Towards Russia?

53. Russian Crisis Behavior, Nagorno-Karabakh and Turkey?

54. The Nagorno-Karabakh war: a spur to Moscow’s UAV efforts?

55. EU and Russia: From a Partnership to a Rivalry

56. Turkey and Russia in Syrian war: Hostile friendship

57. Current State of Ukraine’s Play within the Geopolitical Map of Europe

58. Lawfare as part of hybrid wars: The experience of Ukraine in conflict with Russian Federation

59. What does the Deraa surrender mean for Iran and Russia in Syria?

60. The Israel-Russia-Syria deal: Cost, beneficiaries and future deals

61. Time to Update Israeli Policy Toward Syria

62. Can Russia live with an ongoing conflict in Syria? Mapping out Trends Among Russian Foreign Policy Elites

63. Reconciliation Initiatives in Daraa: A Testimony for Histor

64. US-Russia interactions in Syria and the future of the conflict in 2021

65. The OSCE and Peacekeeping: Track Record and Outlook

66. US-Russian Contention in Cyberspace: Are Rules of the Road Necessary or Possible?

67. The Sino-Russian Geopolitics in Eurasia and China-USA Disputes: Asia Pacific Great Eurasia vs Indo-Pacific

68. Starr Forum: The Future of US-Russian Relations: More of the Same or Something Different?

69. Russian Aerial Operations

70. Looking for Trouble: Sources of Violent Conflict in Central Asia

71. Understanding Russia’s Interest in Conflict Zones

72. Conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia: Scope and Implications

73. A U.S. Strategy to Engage and Contain Putin's Russia

74. Russia’s Stony Path in the South Caucasus

75. Silencing the Guns in Syria’s Idlib

76. Idlib: The New Strategic Nucleus of the Battle over Syria

77. An Advance Line of Defense: Moscow’s Objectives in Libya

78. Perceptions and Reflections of the Security Crisis in the Black Sea Region

79. The Use of Cyberspace in the Context of Hybrid Warfare. Means, Challenges and Trends

80. Principal Vectors of Russian Diplomacy in the Post-Soviet Space

81. Veiled Counter-Balancing: The Peacekeeping ‘Arrangement’ Between Turkey and Russia in Karabakh

82. The Future of US-Kazakhstan Relations

83. Echoes of Abstention: Russian Policy in Libya and Implications for Regional Stability

84. Operation Peace Spring: Objectives, Current Situation and its Future

85. Ceasefire or Escalation in Libya?

86. Idlib and Its Environs: Narrowing Prospects for a Rebel Holdout

87. Making the Most of the Berlin Conference on Libya

88. Exploring India's Strategic Futures

89. Sustaining Power Through External Threats: The Power of Enemy Images in Russia and Azerbaijan

90. Secret Wars: Covert Conflict in International Politics, Austin Carson

91. Paradox of Relations: Russian - Turkish Relations in the Syrian and Libyan Fronts

92. “Syriazation” of the Libyan Crisis Threats and Challenges

93. Security Review: Nagorno-Karabakh War Consequences

94. War in NagornoKarabakh A Two-Track Strategy for the EU

95. 2020 Country Brief: Russia

96. From Bad To Worse? The Impact(s) of Covid-19 On Conflict Dynamics

97. Devil in the Detail: Local versus regional approaches to peace in Donbas

98. China-Russia-Pakistan Strategic Triangle: Imperative Factors

99. Space Militarization Race among China-Russia and USA: Implications for South Asia

100. Dealing with Russia: Towards a Coherent Belgian Policy