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1. Dialogue with Russia: Russia Needs to Reset Relations with the West

2. #NATO2030: Credible Deterrence in the Baltic Region

3. The Modern Interfaces of Intermarium and the Fight against Destiny


5. Late to the Party: Russia’s Return to Africa

6. The Phenomenon of “Global Russia”

7. Russians in Europe: Nobody’s Tool – The Examples of Finland, Germany and Estonia

8. The Russian Orthodox Church: Faith, Power and Conquest

9. Russia’s Evolving South Caucasus Policy

10. Maintaining America’s Coercive Economic Strength

11. Russia’s Energy Strategy

12. The Population of Russia, Today and Tomorrow

13. Russia and Iran in Syria— a Random Partnership or an Enduring Alliance?

14. Trends in Israel’s Regional Foreign Policies: July-December 2018

15. Russian Intervention in the US Presidential Elections: The New Threat of Cognitive Subversion

16. Russian Non-Linear Warfare in Ukraine and Moldova: Lessons for Visegrad Countries

17. Russia’s evolving gas relationship with the European Union: Trade surges despite political crises

18. Pension reform in Russia: A test of the regime’s resilience and citizens’ patience

19. China and Russia in global governance: Long-term obstacles to cooperation

20. The Role of Russia in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Strategy or Opportunism

21. Beyond ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ Putin

22. Permanent Deterrence: Enhancements to the US Military Presence in North Central Europe

23. The results of Vladimir Putin’s visit to Japan

24. Combating Terrorism and Alleviating Human Suffering in Syria

25. Russian Active Measures and Influence Campaigns

26. Birds of a Feather: As Viktor Orbán’s Cronies Unload on President Trump, Orbán Sidles Up to President Putin

27. Russia’s Evolving South Caucasus Policy Security Concerns amid Ethno-political Conflicts

28. The Trump-Putin Meeting: From Hamburg to Southern Syria

29. What are the Implications of Russia-Turkey S-400 Missile Deal?

30. New Russia Sanctions from Congress

31. “Russian World”: Russia’s Policy towards its Diaspora

32. Meeting the Russian Hybrid Challenge

33. Contemporary Russia: Authoritarian or Totalitarian?

34. How the Socialist Economy was destroyed in the USSR (One reason for the collapse of the country)

35. Forward

36. Principles of Russian Military Thought

37. Russia’s Vision of the Belt and Road Initiative: From the Rivalry of the Great Powers to Forging a New Cooperation Model in Eurasia

38. How is the Battle for Deir Ezzor Impacting Russia-Iran Convergence?

39. FIFA World Cup in Russia: Internal and International Aspects

40. Between Russia and the West: Belarus as a Challenge for European Stability and Security

41. After The Jarabulus Offensive: How Far Will Turkey Shift Its Syria Policy?

42. Back from the Brink Toward Restraint and Dialogue between Russia and the West


44. State-led Nationalism In Today's Russia: Uniting The People with Conservative Values?

45. Russia's 2016 Duma Elections: Ambiguous triumph and new challenges for the regime

46. A Few Words on Real Russia

47. Vyacheslav Volodin to head CSTO Parliamentary Assembly. Some thoughts on popular roots of political support

48. Beyond the confrontation. Interview with Edward Luttwak

49. Less is Better in US-Russian Relations Today

50. Overcoming Babylon

51. Primakov Readings

52. Russophrenia: western elites ignore their own citizens’ anger and blame Russia instead

53. The Russian Gambit In Syria

54. China and Russia: Gaming the West

55. A Way Ahead With Russia

56. International Affairs

58. Relations Between Russia and Europe: No Simple Solutions in Sight

59. Project 1704: A U.S. Army War College Analysis of Russian Strategy in Eastern Europe, an Appropriate U.S. Response, and the Implications for U.S. Landpower

60. One Hundred Years’ War for the Right to Remain Russia

61. Preserving Ukraine’s Independence, Resisting Russian Aggression: What the United States and NATO Must Do

62. International Affairs

63. Russia in the Mediterranean: Geopolitics and Current Interests

64. Tools of modification and extension of the area of strategic influence of Russia / Herramientas de modificación y ampliación del área de influencia estratégica de Rusia

65. NATO: Countering Strategic Maskirovka

66. Too Far, Too Fast: Sochi, Tourism and Conflict in the Caucasus

67. Danish Foreign Policy Yearbook 2013

68. Russia's Foreign Policy Philosophy

69. Russia in the Asia-Pacific: Between Integration and Geopolitics

70. Russia's Revival: Ambitions, Limitations, and Opportunities for the United States

71. Wars of the Future

72. How Central is Central Asia? Part 3/3

73. The Russian Economic Crisis

74. Overmanaged Democracy in Russia: Governance Implications of Hybrid Regimes

75. The Georgia Crisis: Implications for the Partnership for Peace

76. Thinking Strategically About Russia

77. The keys to understanding the Israel-Russia

78. The BRICSAM Countries and Changing World Economic Power: Scenarios to 2050

79. The Russian Northwestern Federal District and EU's Northern Dimension

80. Euro-Atlantic and Euro-Asiatic Concerns of an Enlarged Europe: a Bulgarian View