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2. Pyongyang in Search of a New Cold War Strategy

3. Bridging U.S.-Led Alliances in the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific: An Inter-theater Perspective

4. The Impact of Finland's and Sweden's Accession to NATO on the Security of the Alliance

5. The Alliance of Civilizations and the Role of Spain

6. Rethinking NATO engagement in the Western Balkans

7. Is Russia a threat in emerging and disruptive technologies?

8. Major Non-NATO Ally Status - Chance for Survival Or A Vision Doomed to Failure?

9. Russian-Turkish Relations: Past & Present

10. Byting back: The EU’s digital alliance with Latin America and the Caribbean

11. Russia Can Still Be Defeated, But Time Is Short

12. NATO Needs a New Strategy for the Baltic Sea

13. ASEAN: Seeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine through a glass darkly

14. Did NATO expansion prompt the Russian attack on Ukraine?

15. A Difficult Balancing Act: Russia’s Role in the Eastern Mediterranean

16. How to Think About the China-Russia Partnership

17. It’s complicated: Russia’s tricky relationship with China

18. The Futility of U.S. Military Aid and Nato Aspirations for Ukraine

19. Russia and Issues of HTS and Tanzim Hurras ad-Din

20. Under Pressure: Can Belarus resist Russian coercion?

21. What Should Washington Do When the Belt and Road Comes to Russia?

22. Putting A Spoke In The Wheel: Russian Efforts To Weaken U.S.-led Alliance Structures In Northeast Asia

23. Trump's troops: Not just US soldiers – NATO's soul is also moving east

24. Together in trauma: Europeans and the world after covid-19

25. A Hard Look at Hard Power: Assessing the Defense Capabilities of Key US Allies and Security Partners—Second Edition

26. Alliance Revitalized: NATO for a New Era

27. A Free Trade Agreement Could Benefit the U.S.-Brazil Trade Relationship

28. The North Korean Factor in the Sino-Russian Alliance

29. Russia and China: Anatomy of a Partnership

30. The Eastern Mediterranean in the New Era of Major-Power Competition: Prospects for U.S.-Israeli Cooperation

31. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Great Power Competition

32. The risks of being an ally

33. Central Europe after 1918. A short outline

34. Russia-China Relations and the West

35. NATO-Russia Relations: Overcoming Agony

36. Strengthening the Strategic Balance in the Baltic Sea Area

37. Closing NATO’s Baltic Gap

38. Into the Syrian Storm: Between Alliance and Alignment

39. Politics of “Reluctant Allies”