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1. Russia’s Yes Vote on Syria Aid Will Come With a Price

2. Iran’s New Budget Perpetuates Economic Challenges

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7. A Genealogy of the Concept of Civilization (Medeniyet) in Ottoman Political Thought: A Homegrown Perception?

8. Sea Blindness in Turkish International Relations Literature

9. Lessons Learned from the Development of Turkish IR: A View from Greece

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11. Justice, the Beirut Blast, and Lebanon's Continued Crisis

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14. The Default Policy Option: Chaos

15. Progress toward a breakthrough in Saudi-Israeli relations: ‘Haste is from the Devil’

16. Violating the Temple Mount’s Legal Status? Where is the Violation?

17. There are certain times when national security challenges must overcome a divided nation

18. Are the Palestinians More Violent in Ramadan?

19. The Egyptian Financial Crisis: Implications for the region, and for Israel too

20. Iraq’s Quest for a Social Contract: An Approach to Promoting Social Cohesion and State Resilience

21. Recipe for Success: Israeli and Lebanese Analytical Perspectives on the Maritime Delimitation Negotiations

22. Implications of Climate Change Impacts on Food Security Threats in Africa and the Middle East


24. International Law and Palestine featuring George Bisharat

25. Refuge: How the State Shapes Human Potential

26. Political Coalitions in Turkey in the Run-Up to the 2023 Elections

27. Russia at War and the Islamic World

28. Balancing Security and Innovation: Opposition's View on Turkey's Digital Policies

29. A Fractured Border: Syria, Türkiye, and Cantonization

30. Rethinking the EU’s Approach to Women’s Rights in Iran

31. China’s Response to Türkiye’s Volatile Authoritarianism

32. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula: Sustained Resurgence in Yemen or Signs of Further Decline?

33. Anti-Government Demonstrations in Iran: A Long-Term Challenge for the Islamic Republic

34. Turkey’s 2023 General Elections and the Kurdish Question

35. The Muqawama and Its Enemies: Shifting Patterns in Iran-Backed Shiite Militia Activity in Iraq

36. Beyond Riyadh: Houthi Cross-Border Aerial Warfare 2015-2022

37. Structural transformation and sources of growth in Turkey

38. European aid to the MENA region after the Arab uprisings: A window of opportunity missed

39. Trade sanctions and informal employment

40. How Monarchies End

41. China’s subsea-cable power in the Middle East and North Africa

42. Holding the Islamic Republic of Iran accountable for atrocity crimes

43. What Losing the Iran Deal Could Mean for the Region

44. Strategic Survival in Syria

45. From a space of conflict to a space of peace: The role of urban planners in advancing the peace process

46. Area C: From a Hub of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict to a Space for “Creeping Peace”

47. The Foreign Policy of Post-Revolutionary Iran: Expediency at the Crossroad of Suprra-Nationalism and Soverignty

48. tarr Forum: Iran and the Struggle for 'Normalcy': Woman, Life, Freedom

49. Erdoğan's Re-election as President Raises Concerns among Allies

50. West and China Compete for Tech Influence in Arab Persian Gulf States